Gift Guide 2008

LG's watchphone to cost over a grand?

<img src="" />Rumor has it that the belle of the ball at CES, <a href="

Last minute gift idea for you insensitive nerds: SmileBooks: DIY photo album

<img src="" /> Is this a gadget? Heck no! Do we insensitive nerds need help with gift guide ideas for the lady folk? Yes! This is

Review: At $9.94, Radica Golden Tee Golf is a pretty solid last-minute gift

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The most kickass gadgets of 2008, according to me

<img src="" alt="" />It’s been an exciting year filled with a cornucopia of gadgets having passed through the CrunchGear offices. Mos

Review: Griffin Simplifi iPod/iPhone Dock with built-in Card Reader/USB Hub

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CrunchGear's Best of 2008 plus the People's Choice

<img src=""> Welcome to CrunchGear's Gala Best of 2008 Awards featuring the Best Gear, Gadgets, and Software of 2008. Best of all,

Review: i360 Sport Infused Headband

[youtube] Want to listen to your iPod? Don't care about your iPod getting wet or sweaty? Then stuff your iPod into this headband and run around l

Review: Philips DC910 Docking Entertainment System

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Simply the best: My gadget picks for 2008

<img src="" /> It's easy to forget that we at CrunchGear are taking part in a mild, nebbish, and highly organized form of hedonism.

Review: Ultrasone Edition9 headphones

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an audiophile. I enjoy music and I enjoy good sound but I have yet to be bitten by the high end audio bug. I understand that good audio gear is expe

Review: Waterfield Cargo Mambo Combo Messenger-Style Laptop Bag

This is one tough, yet elegant bag that will carry your gear in style. I have a lot of bags, a whole closet full of ’em. Although I usually don’t get bags in the $200+ dollar range, (I&#82

2008 People's Choice survey: Mid-week results

Well, it seems you guys really like Firefox, the Tivo HD XL, and long walks on the beach. I’ve been going over the results so far and you have been a busy bunch, offering opinion after opinion a

Review: Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset

This is the Official PS3 Bluetooth headset that was released with SOCOM: Confrontation earlier this fall. It is made specifically for the PS3 but also works on any other Bluetooth device. Voice qualit

Review: Philips Streamium NP1100 network music player

Quick Version: In a world chock full of streaming music devices, the Philips Streamium NP1100 blends into the crowd as a straightforward, easy-to-use network device.

Review: Iomega StorCenter ix2 Network Storage

Reviewing a NAS is probably not at the top of my list of things to do, but the Iomega ix2 is a dead simple network storage solution that works well. The model I reviewed is the 2TB variety and I final

Review: Sleeptracker Pro

Quick Version: If you’re a light to moderate sleeper and you can’t seem to wake up on the right side of the bed, the $179 (MSRP) Sleeptracker Pro might be just what you need.

Review: Microsoft Bluetrack mini

I’ll keep this short, since the mouse is small. Not as small as this one, but small nonetheless. Check out what’s nice and what’s not about this little traveller.

Review and Giveaway: The Anchor Bay DVDO Edge video processor

The Quick Version: The DVDO Edge will restore amazement and wonder to your high definition TV. It’s that good.

Review: Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

For months now, I have been trying to play .MKV and other video files on my living room front projector. At first I tried to connect a laptop directly to the TV. But this didn’t always work, the

Review: Targus File Share Cable for Mac

Guest review: John Ha I recently bought a Macbook to replace my aging Windows XP laptop. I figured that, like any new computer migration, I would load the applications I needed and then copy the data
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