Win a trip to the Star Trek movie premiere – plus, a contest

The promotions are starting for the Star Trek: New Frontiers movie, and we’re a part of the madness! Admittedly our prize may not be as cool as the ones that Lenovo and Intel are giving away, but it’s better then nothing. They’re sending someone on an all expenses paid trip to L.A. for the premiere, and (what I think sounds like more fun) a Zero-G experience like the one our own Peter Ha had.

And now for our part in all this: Lenovo and Intel have been kind enough to provide us with a Star Trek messenger bag to give away. So, here’s our little contest:
Send your best picture of yourself and one or more tribbles to contest at crunchgear dot com.

Creativity is a must, and your picture will be posted when we announce the winner. The contest will close on Sunday, March 8th and I’ll announce the winner during the podcast on Wednesday, March 11th.

Bonus points if you dress like a Klingon, but you have to sell it.