Panasonic robot runs 24km on two AA batteries, makes it into Guinness Book of World Records


OK, Panasonic’s Evolta batteries are quite powerful, alright. A robot in a mini car powered by nothing more than two AA Evolta batteries completed five and a half laps on the famous Le Mans 24 Hours circuit in France. This means the little guy ran a distance of 23.7km before finally running out of juice.


Panasonic also made sure the accomplishment made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records as “the longest distance covered by a battery-operated remote-controlled model car”. The Evolta robot is 30cm long, 20cm wide and 20cm high. He was guided around the course by a vehicle that emitted infra-red light in front of him (see above).

The event [JP] took place on August 5.