Father's Day Wishlist: What to buy for Pop on Sunday

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I’ve been going through the items I’ve seen and bought this year and thought I’d share a few things that would make me particularly happy this Father’s Day. To that end, I’ve collected a mish-mash of items that might make dad smile a bit more readily than a tie and cologne set from Donald Trump’s fashion collection.

Canon G10

I had to send this camera back but I’m honestly thinking of buying it new. It’s a great, heavy duty shooter with plenty of manual chops and a huge rear LCD. It takes shots at 14-megapixels and costs $485. It’s a bit much – I always recommend getting a DSLR like the Rebel if you’re at all into shooting – but it’s a good mid-point camera with great portability.

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EnviroCycle Composter

It’s odd that I brought a composter into this round-up but Dad’s love gardening, at least the part that involves worms and dirt. I’ve been composting for years but I used to just dig a hole and drop eggshells into it. Now I have a huge, unsightly and stinky worm world that blends in perfectly with the riot of pumpkin vines that are growing up around the old compost pile. At $138 it’s better than a hole in the ground.

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Debaufre Aircraft-8 Chronograph

Love it or hate it, Debaufre is doing some interesting things in low-priced chronographs. The Aircraft-8 is the first watch I’ve seen from them that actually looks new and fresh and at $740 for a calendar chrono movement, Swiss ETA, no less, it’s quite nice. Worth a second look.

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Tissot Sea Touch

If Dad needs a more rugged watch, get him the Tissot Sea Touch. An impressive update to the T-Touch line this monster comes in orange and black and has a rotating bezel, compass, chronograph, thermometer, second time zone, and a diving logbook. All of the functions are available just by touching the screen. I’ve seen it for about $1,000.

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32 GB iPod Touch

I know this is a little bit old but it’s still a great product and a great way to introduce pop to the magic of MP3s and video downloading. Stock it up with some tunes and and some good movies and maybe add the iFitness application so he can take it to the gym. It starts at $229.

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Amazon Kindle

If Dad likes to read, get him a Kindle. Seriously. It’s a great device, it saves space, and he can download books anywhere and at any time. It’s a great device and the smaller version is delightfully portable. $359.

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Pioneer XMp3 Radio

If you haven’t tried satellite radio and drive a lot, you owe it to yourself to add this to your Father’s Day shopping cart – if only for yourself. The XMp3 is a portable XM radion that supports up to 100 hours of recording and can record five stations at a time, meaning you can listen to the game on one channel and still grab your favorite shows – Bob Dylan? Howard Stern? – on other channels. They’re selling the radio with a car kit for $149. Installation is dead simple and the satellite subscription costs $164 a year.

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