• Garmin Announces Thinner, Lighter Garmin 10 GPS Watch

    Garmin Announces Thinner, Lighter Garmin 10 GPS Watch

    The $129 Garmin 10 is a new GPS watch by Garmin. Designed as a direct competitor to “grab and go” sport watches from Nike and Polar, the new watch offers training features like “Virtual Pacer” and auto pause settings as well as run/walk break setting for beginning runners. Read More

  • Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch Wants To Track Your Body, Doesn’t Care If You Train Inside Or Out

    Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch Wants To Track Your Body, Doesn’t Care If You Train Inside Or Out

    It’s all about the data. The just-announced Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch doesn’t care where you’ve been or where you’re going. It only cares about your body while you’re wearing it. Despite coming from Garmin, the FR70 doesn’t have GPS. It only tracks and monitors the body’s vitals and then presents this info in a coherent fashion through… Read More

  • Garmin Launches Fit App Just In Time For Holiday Feasts

    Garmin Launches Fit App Just In Time For Holiday Feasts

    If you’re looking to get preemptive with holiday weight watching, Garmin’s got an app for that. The company today released the Garmin Fit app, which tracks speed, pace, distance, time, calories, and with the addition of Garmin’s ANT+ accessories, heart rate, and cadence. The app also maps out the user’s workout and uploads it directly to Garmin Connect, all for $.99. Read More

  • New Garmin GPS Watch Has Shed Its Girth

    New Garmin GPS Watch Has Shed Its Girth

    It’s interesting to chart the size and shape of fitness watches over the years. The first Garmins looked like protein bars melted to your wrist by this new one, the Forerunner 910XT, looks as svelte and lithe as the marathoners who will probably wear it. The 910XT costs about $400 and will be available next week. The new model supports Garmin’s Connect online service as well as… Read More

  • You Know, For Triathlons: Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Watch Review

    You Know, For Triathlons: Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Watch Review

    I’ve used quite a few heart rate monitoring watches in my day. I’ve played with Suuntos and Nikes aplenty, with whosits and whatsits galore. But the RCX5 is different in its utter simplicity. Designed to be worn while swimming, running, or biking, all of the smarts are actually in the optional sensors, leaving the watch itself as basic as a $20 Timex with a few tricks up its… Read More

  • Garmin To Buy Navigon

    Garmin Ltd. and Navigon AG just announced that the two companies have reached an agreement and a subsidiary of Garmin will acquire the privately-held navigation company. The financial terms of the transaction was not released. German-based Navigon pulled out of the North American PND market in 2009 and has since focused on the European region and smartphone apps. It’s likely that these… Read More

  • GPS Company Garmin Buys European Competitor Navigon

    As rumored, GPS device company Garmin has bought its European competitor Navigon AG. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed but previous reports have indicated that the company was acquired for roughly $72 million. Navigon will operate as a subsidiary of Garmin. Similar to Garmin, Navigon, which is based in Germany, develops navigation software and GPS devices. The company also… Read More

  • Garmin Releases New And Improved eTrek Handheld GPS Units

    The Garmin eTrek series has long been the go-to outdoor GPS unit. They’re affordable, capable, and, as I’ve learned, able to survive numerous drops from a tree stand. Garmin just outed the latest editions that bring a far amount of new features to the line. Read More

  • The Go Anywhere Garmin Montana Brings GPS Navigation To The Back Country, City

    Some GPS units are meant for rugged work in the mountains while others rarely leave the comforts of the city. The just-announced Garmin Montana can do both. Not only is it powerful, but it’s rugged and features various mounting options for different usages including windshield and dash. There’s a 4-inch dual-orientation screen and even a 5MP autofocus camera. It’s powered… Read More

  • The Garmin Forerunner 610: Touchscreen, Weather-Proof, And Of Course Socially Connected

    Garmin’s latest edition to its long-standing Forerunner brand is easily the sexiest yet. Even the GPS-connected watch is slimmer, it still packs in the features with a glove-friendly, high-res touchscreen. But it’s not the screen that’s important. Nope, it’s the training apps that attempt to justify the $350 price with the ability to upload and download different… Read More

  • Garmin Chirp: The Geocacher's Aide-de-Camp

    Attention, geocachers! Garmin has a new device that may be worth your while. It’s called the chirp (yup, lowercase “c”), and it works in conjunction with Garmin phones to ensure a “more interactive and enjoyable geocaching experience.” Sounds fun. Not that I’ve ever been geocaching, but it seems like a swell way to spend an afternoon. It certainly beats… Read More