• Right Before Facebook Bought It, FriendFeed's Real-Time Stream Saw A Flood Of Usage

    Some people still aren’t sure why Facebook would buy FriendFeed. While few would question the talent of FriendFeed’s team, many still considered it to be a product going nowhere. Think again. The new July comScore numbers are out, and they’re impressive to say the least for FriendFeed. First of all, its last full independent month saw an all-time high in unique visitors. But… Read More

  • The Would-Be FFugees Shouldn't Pack Up And Find A New Home Just Yet

    Following Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed, a lot of users in that community were up in arms. Basically, everyone was quick to jump to the conclusion that FriendFeed, as we knew it, was dead. And with the comments immediately following the deal, the parties on both sides did little to change that line of thinking, basically saying things along the lines of “we’ll… Read More

  • FriendFeed Cofounder Paul Buchheit Discusses Facebook Acquisition (video)

    Robert Scoble and I ran into freshly-acquired FriendFeed cofounder Paul Buchheit at a brunch on Sunday. I pulled out my trusty Android myTouch and with his permission asked him a few questions about the sale to Facebook a week ago. Apologies for the audio quality – Powerset’s Barney Pell, BillShrink’s Peter Pham and others were chatting loudly nearby (which led to a side… Read More

  • I Can Now Make FriendFeed As Ugly As I Want

    When FriendFeed launched new themes back in June, I wanted but one feature: The ability to create my own. Today, I got my wish. Despite being purchased by Facebook for close to $50 million earlier this week, FriendFeed is still rolling out new features. Today brings customizable themes, which allow you to tweak your template to make it as pretty or as ugly as you would like. Naturally… Read More

  • What Facebook Lite Actually Is. Hint: It's Not Twitter Or FriendFeed.

    So, the web pretty much exploded tonight over the appearance of something called “Facebook Lite,” a new service that’s apparently being beta tested by Facebook. But users who received the message that they were invited to test it out, were frustrated when the link didn’t work. There’s a reason for that: It was a mistake to roll the test out to most of these… Read More

  • Facebook Begins Testing Facebook Lite, A Faster Simpler Version Of The Service

    It looks like Facebook has tonight turned on a feature called “Facebook Lite” for some users to test out. We’re getting bombarded by tips about it, and some of us are seeing it as well. Unfortunately, it appears that it may not be fully ready for prime time yet, but we have more information and what looks to be a screenshot below, so keep reading. So what is it? Well, it looks… Read More

  • Video: Hitler Is Not Pleased About Facebook's Acquisition Of FriendFeed

    Seriously, these never get old. An enterprising soul has tonight re-created the pivotal Hitler scene from the movie Downfall, but done so with subtitles explaining why Hilter is so mad that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed. This meme seems be done for just about everything on the web these days, but this one is particularly good because it’s full of good insider-y references. And it… Read More

  • Apple Planning Some Super Secret Social App?

    Again, this is nothing but a very vague rumor for the time being, but it’s also very interesting. Following up on its iTunes 9 rumors, Boy Genius Report claims to have new details from the same trusted source about what iTunes 9, and specifically the social aspects of it, will entail. As expected, the tipster says you’ll be able to broadcast songs you’re listening to out… Read More

  • Pics: The Facebook/FriendFeed Deal Signed Under The Cover Of Night

    With all the hoopla over the Facebook’s $50 million acquisition of FriendFeed today, it’d be nice to see how it actually went down. And now we can, thanks to pictures FriendFeed co-founder Paul Buchheit, who posted some pictures of the two sides immediately after signing the deal in the wee hours of the morning. I’m still not entirely sure that these pictures are of the… Read More

  • The Cost Of FriendFeed: Roughly $50 Million In Cash And Stock

    Everyone is obviously talking about the Facebook/FriendFeed deal, but everyone wants to know one key detail: How much did Facebook pay? Now we know: Facebook paid nearly $50 million when you add the $15 million it paid in cash with roughly $32.5 million (based on current valuations) in stock, according to the Wall Street Journal. The stock is the key part of this deal. Its value is derived… Read More

  • Benchmark Capital's Big Day

    If you’re a partner at Benchmark Capital, you’re having a very good day and celebrating two separate portfolio acquisitions. That’s sort of like an unassisted triple play in baseball, it just doesn’t happen that often. Maybe that’s why the team looks so darn happy in their website picture. Partner Peter Fenton (labeled Rock Star in photo) led both deals. The first… Read More

  • Facebook Takes FriendFeed To Take On Twitter

    So, Facebook has acquired FriendFeed. But what does it mean? Well despite the rhetoric of some that this is a minor deal because FriendFeed’s audience was small compared to that of its acquirer Facebook, or even Twitter, this deal should actually have some wide-reaching implications for the future of how many of us use the web socially. Talent And Features Let’s be clear, from what… Read More

  • First Interview After Acquisition With FriendFeed And Facebook

    Details on the Facebook acquisition of Friendfeed story that we broke earlier today are still coming in. But we had a chance to talk with Friendfeed cofounder Bret Taylor (pictured right) and Facebook VP Products Chris Cox a few minutes ago to discuss the deal and the product integration plans going forward. On How the Deal Happened Cox and Taylor won’t talk deal terms or even if the… Read More

  • Facebook Acquires FriendFeed (Updated)

    Facebook has acquired FriendFeed, we’ve learned. We’re gathering details now. At this point details on the acquisition are still very sparse, but it’s clearly a good match. Over the last year or so, Facebook has “borrowed” quite a few features that FriendFeed popularized, including the ‘Like’ feature and an emphasis on real-time news… Read More

  • Blame FriendFeed II

    With Twitter down this morning and reports of failure all over the social Web, I figured FriendFeed would be up, if denuded by the Twitter outage. Well, sorta. In fact, FriendFeed searches are down. How the hell does a denial of service attack plague reach into the coolest service no-one will ever use, as former user Mike Arrington once put it. Is the realtime Web screeching to a halt on… Read More

  • Google Reader Speeds Up Sharing With PubSubHubbub

    At our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp event last month, one of the most interesting things that was demoed was PubSubHubbub, a new protocol made by a few Googlers in their spare time to improve the speed at which Atom and RSS items travel around the web. As expected, they have a big player on their side now: Google Reader. The Reader team notes today that it has begun the adoption of… Read More

  • Redux Is Like FriendFeed Redux, But The TV Feature Is Killer

    At first glance, Redux has a very appropriate name: It looks like it’s just another version of the aggregation and conversation service FriendFeed. But a new feature is fairly awesome. “TV” allows you to easily share video clips, just as you would share links on FriendFeed or Redux’s main Stream area. Officially, Redux says it’s a “personalized… Read More

  • Steal! Ben Darnell Leaves Google Reader Team, Joins FriendFeed

    Ben Darnell, a key member of the Google Reader team, has left Mountain View to jump into startup life. Darnell bailed Google for FriendFeed, which was founded by ex-Googlers and notably in part by Kevin Fox, who used to work with him on the Google Reader team. Darnell is FriendFeed’s first hire in over a year, and will get employee badge number 13. He starts today, and according to the… Read More

  • FriendFeed Follows For A Change With "Recommend Friends" Feature

    For many features and innovations, FriendFeed has been ahead of Facebook, and even Twitter. It’s usually Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites catching up to FriendFeed, not the other way around. Today, FriendFeed added a Recommend Friends feature, that allows you to recommend subscriptions of friend’s feeds to anyone who is subscribed to your feed. The friend… Read More

  • Dotopen Opens For Business – It's Like FriendFeed For Companies

    Barcelona-based dotopen has launched its B2B communication platform in public beta today in another attempt to create a successful matchmaking service for businesses where decision makers could come to collaborate and connect with each other. We’ve heard that a million times before, but I got an early peak of the platform when I was in Spain for the Mobile 2.0 Europe conference last… Read More

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