Fleksy keyboard to get major reboot under ThingThing’s dev team

Third party keyboards might seem like an app fad blast from the recent past. But the smartphone keyboard space could be set for a shake up as long time player Fleksy gets a new team working full time

Pinterest acquires the team behind Fleksy, a custom iOS and Android keyboard

We haven't heard much from Fleksy — one of a number of custom keyboards for Android and iOS — lately, and it seems we may have an answer why: It's been acquired by Pinterest. But it isn't a tot

Fleksy Adds Deep-Linking To Its Keyboard App, Opening New Revenue Opportunities

Fleksy, the popular third-party keyboard app for iOS and Android, has taken the next step to monetizing its service after it began enabling deep-linking to other apps.

Fleksy Partners With Imoji To Add Stickers To Its Popular iOS And Android Keyboard

⚠️ Warning ⚠️ You may be about to see a lot of gigantic emoji surface across chat apps and other mobile apps you use. That's because popular keyboard Fleksy launched integrated stickers into i

Fleksy Raises $2M To Help It Keep Up With Growth From iOS 8 Launch

Software keyboard maker Fleksy raised a new $2 million round of venture funding from Digital Garage, Eniac Ventures, Middleland Capital, Highland Capital Partners and others to help it continue to pow

Everything You Need To Know About iOS 8 Keyboard Permissions (But Were Afraid To Ask)

By far the most exciting thing about iOS 8 -- imho -- is the side-door it opens into Apple's walled garden to allow keyboard app makers to come on in for the first time. But what permissions are you g

Fleksy Expands Its Distribution Footprint In A Bid To Rule The Keyboard Roost

Fleksy is following up its iOS 8 software keyboard launch with a debut on two new app markets, including the Samsung GALAXY Apps store and the Amazon Appstore. In time for this new availability, it&#8

Nine Alternative Keyboards For iOS 8

Apple's new mobile world order, iOS 8, ushers in support for third party system wide keyboards for the very first time. We've rounded up a selection of alternative keyboard contenders -- some with sto

Fleksy’s iOS 8 Keyboard Offers Plenty Of Customization And Solid Predictions

Apple’s iOS 8 operating system unlocks a key system component, providing access to the software keyboard slot to third-party developers. That’s going to mean a lot of new keyboard apps pop

Fleksy Debuts Version 3.0 On Android, With A Complete Redesign And New Premium Features

Virtual keyboard startup Fleksy has launched version 3.0 of its software today, which includes new monetization options via premium themes and content packs. The new themes complement the new design o

Fleksy Builds A Texting App For The Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

Virtual keyboard startup Fleksy is pumped about iOS 8 and working on a beta of its software now that Apple has relaxed the platform restrictions on third-party keyboards. But that hasn't stopped it fr

Fleksy Third-Party Keyboard Is Already On iOS 8 In Beta

Fleksy wasted no time in getting its third-party software keyboard onto iOS 8, after Apple announced it would be supporting outside input software system-wide. The startup is also accepting beta teste

Fleksy Keyboard Goes 2.0 On Android, Bringing Badges That Extend Free Trials And Unlock Themes

A virtual keyboard with a gamification element? That’s what Fleksy’s Android software just became, thanks to the big version 2.0 update of its app that just went live. The update offers a

Fleksy Opens Its iOS SDK For All Developers, Requires Zero Lines Of Code To Implement

Virtual keyboard Fleksy has made its iOS integration open and free to all today, after debuting the SDK with private partners back in December. Fleksy is completely free for developers to use, and int

Fleksy Launches Its First SDK Partners On iOS To Demo The Power Of Third-Party Keyboards

San Francisco-based Fleksy has launched its in-app SDK integration for iOS via four new partners who implement the software in their own apps today. These include Launch Center Pro, Wordbox, GV Connec

Fleksy’s Android Keyboard Gets First Stable Release, Adds Multiple Languages To Beta

San Francisco-based Fleksy offers predictive text typing that's so intuitive it can be used without even a glance at a screen, and now the app is finally exiting beta on Android. Fleksy works by analy

Syntellia Raises $3M To Make Fleksy The Default Keyboard For The New Generation Of Connected Devices

San Francisco-based startup Syntellia announced $3 million in Series A funding today, including investment from Highland Capital Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Middleland Capital and

Minuum Turns To Indiegogo To Fund A New Mobile Software Keyboard For Smartphones And Beyond

Toronto-based startup Whirlscape believes that taking a keyboard originally designed for a typewriter, turning it digital and calling it a day is the wrong way to go about making the best possible sma

Fleksy Gesture Keyboard Demos Leap Motion Controller Compatibility, Introduces iOS SDK For Third-Party Apps

Fleksy, the keyboard app that doesn't even require you to look at the screen or hit any actual keys to type, is busy at SXSW this week. The startup is showing off its software working with the Leap Mo

Fleksy Eyes-Free Mobile Keyboard Comes To Android At CES 2013 [Video]

Fleksy, the new mobile keyboard that debuted on iOS back in August, was showing its stuff at CES this year. The trick of automatically predicting what you're typing without requiring much more than yo
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