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As Egnyte turns 10, it moves into data protection

Egnyte had a big milestone last week. It turned 10 years old, which is a pretty big deal for a startup. The company has survived and even thrived, but as it moves into its second decade, it recognizes

Odrive Offers A Dropbox-Style Interface For Browsing Your Online Photos, Documents, And More

If you're tired of logging into different websites every time you want to access your Facebook photos, your Google Drive documents, your Instagram photos, and so on, <a target="_blank" href="http://ww

Dropbox Looks To Shed “Dropbox Problem” Image

With 300M users, there is no denying Dropbox’s popularity, but driven by BYOD and easy procurement, the product has become emblematic of employees bringing their own services into companies

Backup Service IDrive Adds Sync Functionality

The online backup service IDrive today announced that it is going beyond only backing up your data and is adding a sync feature to its lineup that will automatically keep files on different machines u