EEG hardware hack uses blink detection and predictive text for hands-free typing

Hardware is hard at the best of times. But software developer Patrick Morris-Suzuki set himself the ambitious challenge of creating a blink-detecting system for hands-free typing during an overnight h

Researchers use machine learning to pull interest signals from readers’ brain waves

How will people sift and navigate information intelligently in the future, when there's even more data being pushed at them? Information overload is a problem we struggle with now, so the need for bet

The Melon Headband Launches On Kickstarter To Track Your Brain Waves And Mental Focus

Tracking oneself is all the rage, with devices like the Nike Fuelband, Jawbone Up, and Fitbit Flex enabling users to monitor their physical activity over time. But what about tracking your mental conc

DIY electroencephalogram

I’ve always been impressed by hardware hackers. Whether it’s a simple DIY digital picture frame, or a full-scale conversion of a gasoline car to electric, there’s something about the