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Atom-based Eee on its way to you next week, $650

TGDaily reports that the Atom-based Eee PC will be coming next week, but they seem rightly skeptical of the little guy. After all, at $650 it’s no longer that cheap (you could get a used MacBook

Microsoft to offer limited XP to low-cost PC makers

Microsoft has unveiled a plan under which a somewhat crippled version of XP will be made available to the makers of low-cost PCs like the Eee PC and XO laptop. I’m not sure how I feel about this

Eee PC 900 gets priced and dated

Sweet. I might actually be able to use a little XP machine at these specs. People are probably going to make noise about the thing costing $549 (more than expected, I think), but really it’s sti

Asus adds HD tuner support to Eee PC

Asus provided their tiny Eee PC with 3 USB 2.0 ports in order to make it on par with most other notebooks on the market, however it has been lacking in support for many popular peripherals such as TV

Quick Hands-on with the ASUS eee PC running Windows XP

What’s small, opalescent, and runs Windows XP Home? It’s the ASUS eee PC that just landed here at the Biggs home, amazing my mother with its tininess. It has 4 GB of solid state storage an

Microsoft may keep XP around awhile longer for sub-notebook users

Windows XP is one of the two available OSes for the Eee PC, but there’s a problem: The Eee PC is fairly new, but Microsoft has publicly said it is planning on killing XP in the near future. That

Best Buy getting the Eee PC in first half of April

For those of you who’ve been looking for the Eee PC to check out and perhaps even purchase but didn’t know where to look, we can help. Turns out Best Buy is landing the laptop at some poin

Rumor: Next-gen Eee PC to sport touchscreen

Asus President Jerry Shen said the next-gen Eee PC would not have a touchscreens in January, but panel makers in China are telling otherwise. Sometime in Q2 a new Eee PC will be launched with a resist

Nine-inch Asus Eee on its way

[photopress:eee.jpg,full,center] Asus keeps bringing the Eee, and we thank them for it. Word around the Web today is that at a press event tomorrow, Asus will be debuting a new Eee PC ultraportable wi

Upgrading your eee PC processor: Complicated but interesting

The page doesn’t offer much in the way of “instruction” or “advice” but the writer does propose that the eee PC’s measly processor can be replaced with a faster, $3

Eee PC says sayonara Linux, hello XP

Forget the MacBook Air, I’m getting myself a Linux-free Eee PC. I love Windows XP and I’m a big fan of the little guy from Asus. The 4G-X, as it’s being called in the land of the ris

Asus joining forces with Intel, Sprint to bring WiMax to its Eee PC

Image via Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia With CES next week, expect this week to be filled with lots of “Item A to debut @ Show, could be bad or good.” The first such rumor I’ve se

Asus Eee PC gets bedazzled

Not really bedazzled, but I was just listening to Dane Cook and he was talking about his sisters bedazzling his jean jackets when he was a kid. Umm. Ok. Awkward. Asus is looking to cash in on the popu

DIY: Upgrade your Eee PC

If you were lucky enough to grab an Eee PC before they flew off the shelves then you may want to consider slating this DIY project for the weekend. Doesn’t seem too difficult a task and it&#8217

Rumor: Eee PC to officially support Windows next year, with 3.8 Million unit sales target?

Asus thinks it’s going to sell 3.8 Million Eee PCs next year. While that’s a grand notion, it might actually have some substance. According to an anonymous leak, Asus is in talks with Micr

Asus's eee PCs get names, specs, real

When the lines between UMPC and laptop get blurred, we get confused, angry, agitated, and aroused. It’s an odd reaction mixture, sure, but our shrink says it’s natural. That’s what w