Asus joining forces with Intel, Sprint to bring WiMax to its Eee PC

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With CES next week, expect this week to be filled with lots of “Item A to debut @ Show, could be bad or good.” The first such rumor I’ve seen is that a revamped Asus Eee PC will be at CES with an 8.9-inch display (the current Eee PC has a 7-inch display). No, that’s not really exciting. But WiMax, that’s a different story.

Yes, if you got to Asus’ Web site, you’ll see a casual little mention of it joining to gethet with Intel and Sprint and to immerse yourself in tomorrow’s wireless protocol of kings. Translated, we think the next Eee PC will work with WiMax right out of the box.

One rumor down, lord knows how many to go.

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