DIY: Upgrade your Eee PC


If you were lucky enough to grab an Eee PC before they flew off the shelves then you may want to consider slating this DIY project for the weekend. Doesn’t seem too difficult a task and it’s probably worth the effort to have 16GB of storage and Bluetooth. If you’re not that adventurous then consider the Belkin Bluetooth USB dongle, pansy.


I have completed my first Eee PC modification, this modification adds Bluetooth functionality and 16GB of flash storage.

At first I intended to solder the two USB devices directly to the motherboard but after careful consideration I decided the ability to easily replace the modules should take priority.

Both ports are 5V and use the USB connections from the unused Mini PCI Express port and the USB connections from the Mini PCI Express port used by the wireless card.

Thanks to everyone on this board who guided me along the way on my first Eee PC mod!

Parts Used:

30 AWG Wire
Lots of patience
2 * Surface mount USB ports
Microsoft Bluetooth Adapter
Healthy fear of turning your Eee into steaming pile of burnt PCB
Corsair Flash Voyager 16GB

16GB & Bluetooth Mod Complete! [Eee User Forum]