Rumor: Eee PC to officially support Windows next year, with 3.8 Million unit sales target?


Asus thinks it’s going to sell 3.8 Million Eee PCs next year. While that’s a grand notion, it might actually have some substance. According to an anonymous leak, Asus is in talks with Microsoft on adding official Windows support to the sub-sub-laptops, and Intel wants in on the action as well.

But even with the “help” of Windows, is 3.8 Million a likely number? No. A lofty target? Sure. Realistic at all? Not a chance. But the news of MS and Intel’s interest is telling, and, if as predicted, Apple launches a sub-notebook at MacWorld in January, then 2008 is going to shape up to be a truly mobile and lightweight year.

ASUS: We’ll Sell 3.8 Million Eees in 2008, Some with Windows [Daily Tech]