Asus's eee PCs get names, specs, real

When the lines between UMPC and laptop get blurred, we get confused, angry, agitated, and aroused. It’s an odd reaction mixture, sure, but our shrink says it’s natural. That’s what we’re feeling now on news that Asus’s eee PC line has new models and a new naming scheme. Ok, not the most earthshattering news, but those who’ve been anticipating these little portables should be excited.

All four models are about the same, and are separated into two general categories: those with cameras and those without. The sans-cam models are known as the “Surfs”, and you can tell how much SSD storage each has by its name. The 8G has 8GB storage, the 4G has 4, etc. They have varying amounts of ram, and thankfully i4u put a chart together at the link below so I didn’t have to.

New Asus eee PC 8G, 4G, 4G Surf and 2G Surf [i4u]