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Eco Market, The “Etsy For Eco,” Rebrands, Revamps, Raises & Prepares A U.S. Launch

London-based <a target="_blank" href="">Ethical Community</a>, which has now rebranded as <a target="_blank" href="">Eco Market</a>, is an o

RidePal, The “Google Bus For The Rest Of Us,” Scores $500K From 500 Startups & Others

<a target="_blank" href="">RidePal</a>, a company providing a turnkey commuter bus system for companies, is today announcing having closed half a million in seed funding from 50

“Etsy For Eco” Ethical Community Raises $300,000+ In Seed Funding

<a href="">Ethical Community</a>, an online, eco-friendly marketplace (which has plans for a snazzier name in the works!), has secured a £200,000 ($316,640 USD) round

NEC develops eco-friendly, super-efficient CPU cooling system

<img src="" /> NEC has developed an eco-friendly cooling system for CPUs, <a href="

Sprint suddenly gets all Captain Planet on us with green movement

<img src="" />Being eco-friendly should definitely be high on the priorities list for electronics manufacturers and service pro

Toner-, ink- and paperless printer (video)

<img src="" /> A Japanese company called <a href="">Sanwa Newtec</a> has developed a p

Solar energy and lithium-ion batteries: Sanyo now builds "green" homes in Japan

<img src="" /> Sanyo is already being considered Japan's "greenest" brand in the consumer electronics field (which is the main

NYK Super Eco Ship 2030: How ships will look like in the future

<img src="" /> It looks like a vessel straight out of Star Trek, but it's going to be a real ship soon(ish). Japan-based Nip

Boston-Power's eco friendly HP laptop batteries now on sale

<img src="" alt="" />Boston-Power announced earlier today that their line of Sonata Li-ion batteries for 18 HP notebooks (about 70 percent

The Ray from Quiksilver is eco-friendly and badass

Being eco-friendly has been a hot topic for most companies this year and Quiksilver is no different. The Ray is a limited edition watch (1,000 unit run) hitting stores next month for $500, but why is

Biodegradable shoes, sounds great if they don't rot while you walk

I presume that the time scale on these Brooks Trance 8 runners biodegrading is along the lines of years (as opposed to decades) and not months. Wouldn’t want them sloughing off while you run. It

Plasma torch garbage processing produces usable gas, electricity

Taking another step towards using our trash for fuel, Plasco Energy Group is putting up a large-scale plant in Ottowa that will use plasma torches to essentially vaporize trash into usable “syng

Mercedes aims to be entirely petrol-free in 2015

I don’t think I give Mercedes enough credit. I’ve never really liked the styling on their cars and they always seemed a little too rich for me. But the fact is they have a history of innov

Biomimetic sharktail wave-action harvester

Now there are a few words you probably weren’t expecting to read today. I have to say I’m a little skeptical of this system; after all, sharks’ tails are part of a supremely aquadyna

Lowepro Primus AW is the most eco-friendly camera bag

I’m really digging on Lowepro’s gear lately. The Fastpack I reviewed a couple months back is still in great shape. I’ve got the Flipside, which is fantastic. I still have to do a formal review o

More geeko-friendly bamboo Asuses

Is it “Asuses,” or “Asi?” Anyway, Asus has made a big deal about being eco-friendly, and while the bamboo thing is nice, I don’t think it’s really going to make a s

Aqua-Roombas to clean up oil spills using teamwork

This is a cool idea, although I’m skeptical of it being cost effective. And considering you’ll have to clean off every one of those expensive robots after each spill, it’s a messy pr

Sweet "Enerjar" measures your appliance's power consumption

I saw a concept like this a while ago that was considerably slicker, but was of course just a CGI rendering. This is much more real and much more steampunk. Looks pretty awesome, in addition to being

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Visit the TerraPass store

are $34.95. Even when things are in sleep mode or turned off they’re still using up juice and costing you cents every day so maybe the Smart Strip would do you some good. It says it will turn of

Asus going green – or beige, whatever color bamboo is

Asus is, I think, a good company – last week they revealed that they don’t care if you crack open their products, and now they’re revealing a new line of laptops in line with a more
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