NYK Super Eco Ship 2030: How ships will look like in the future


It looks like a vessel straight out of Star Trek, but it’s going to be a real ship soon(ish). Japan-based Nippon Yusen KK (NYK) is developing a “green” container ship that emits 69% less CO2 than existing models. The so-called NYK Super Eco Ship 2030, which is currently in design stage, will be 353-meters long and mainly powered by fuel cells.

NYK says the ship’s fuel cells (40 megawatts) will use liquefied natural gas as a hydrogen source. In emergency cases, solar and wind power systems will supply additional energy. The ship will be built using newly developed friction-resistant material in order to boost its eco-friendliness.

NYK plans to complete development of the futuristic vessel by 2030.