Sprint suddenly gets all Captain Planet on us with green movement

Being eco-friendly should definitely be high on the priorities list for electronics manufacturers and service providers, so I’m pretty happy to see that Sprint is doing its part to make our planet a nicer place for future generations. Just in case you’re the apathetic type when it comes to the three Rs (recycle, reuse, reduce!), Sprint has put some incentives into place for you.

Sprint just laid out a list of over 900 phones that it will buy back from almost all manufacturers and carriers. If you’re looking at your old Sanyo, beaten to death as it surely is, and wondering whether it’s worth it, go findout! Depending on brand and condition, Sprint will be paying anywhere between $5 and $300 in store credit to recycle your junk. You can find out online how much your phone is worth, and/or take it to a retail store where you’ll receive instant credit for immediate use.

Aside from taking in your phones from the days of yore, Sprint is also making sure that it deals with manufacturers who are adhering to strict green guidelines. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse says:

Today I am proud to announce that Sprint is the first U.S. wireless carrier to establish a set of green design criteria for consumer devices. Moving forward, every handset vendor who manufactures handsets to operate on Sprint’s networks must produce handsets that meet or exceed Sprint’s new green design criteria and specifications.

It looks like my favorite childhood cartoon hero has been manifested into a mobile phone carrier. Weird.