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Northvolt’s $5B debt deal should be a wake-up call for the US battery industry

The U.S. battery industry has surged in the wake of the IRA, but it still lacks a domestic anchor like Northvolt.

Not many unicorns were spotted in the UK and France this year

Since France and the U.K. have both been vocal about their unicorn goals, it is these two countries we are looking at today.

European venture deal-making shows signs of recovery, but for how long?

European venture capital data is down sharply from prior highs in the third quarter, but there’s enough bullish material inside the data that the European startup scene has quite a lot going for it.

Can Europe’s cannabis market avoid the US’ mistakes? Investors chime in

As Europe grapples with cannabis legalization, what can it learn from the US' journey?

European insurtech is showing strength that venture data doesn’t fully detail

If you only tracked American insurtech companies that went public recently, you might think insurtech is in its flop era. Thankfully, that's not true.

It’s been a bumpy 6 months for edtech — are smoother roads ahead?

Edtech continued to stutter, not just due to unexpectedly negative results, but also by merely acknowledging the risks of generative AI.

You don’t need VC to develop a consumer tech product

Use the current market downturn as an opportunity to focus on revenue generation by building products that customers are willing to pay for.

VC Office Hours: Fabrice do Rego on building one of the few Black-led funds in the EU

'People talk about the financing gap, but most of the time, the most important gap is the information gap. You need to inform people.'

What’s it like being a Black founder in France?

Partly due to a historical "color-blind" policymaking regime, the French startup ecosystem for Black founders is shrouded in mystery.

Why Europe and Israel’s unicorns are producing the next generation of tech founders

Harry Nelis Contributor Share on X Harry Nelis is a partner at Accel, a global venture firm that has partnered with companies from inception through all phases of private company growth for the last 4

Venture firm Black Seed raises £5M inaugural fund to invest in Black founders

Many Black founders in the U.K. are overmentored yet underfunded. This firm cuts straight to the chase by writing checks.

European startups on track to raise $51B this year, down 39% from 2022

The venture slowdown has long been established to be a global phenomenon, and per a new report from VC firm Atomico, this “adjusted market reality is here to stay."

Beyond networking: What immigrant founders in the UK want from VC office hours

Introductions for a soft landing can be crucial, but the real value lies in gleaning substantive feedback from experienced investors.

Coinbase launches subscription service with focus on European expansion

Coinbase is launching its subscription service, Coinbase One, in 35 countries, starting with U.S., U.K., Germany and Ireland

Europe could be on the cusp of a golden era in robotics. Here’s why

For Europe, it seems like the old wisdom of not putting all of your eggs in one basket could be their biggest competitive advantage.

What if Scandinavian startups don’t need Y Combinator?

If you add up the fact that rival accelerators 500 Startups and Techstars have given up on their Stockholm programs, a pattern starts to emerge.

Why invest in Ukrainian startups today?

A few reasons why the prospects of the Ukrainian tech sector aren't as bleak as they may seem from the outside.

2022 European edtech report: Smaller rounds and fewer deals, but more angel activity

For the first time since 2014, venture capital funding to European edtech startups saw a decline year-over-year.

For immigrant founders in the UK, office hours with VCs are rocket fuel

The "International Founders Open Office Hours” program aims to help immigrant founders boost their social networks by meeting VCs in the U.K.

How to effectively manage a remote team during wartime

When the Russo-Ukrainian War began on February 24, all Ukrainian businesses faced a crisis. I'll use our example to explain how we dealt with it.
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