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Startups may have room to innovate as enterprise providers puzzle out how to price AI tools

Nearly every tech company seems to be working on AI tooling, and everyone is at least talking about using it. But how the heck are companies going to charge for it?

Factors to consider before pricing AI-enabled SaaS

SaaS companies should be solving for simplicity and adoption in their AI feature pricing. This is a time for learning and iteration.

Have enterprise buyers finally soured on ‘bottoms-up’ tech sales?

Today’s PLG needs to inform both the product and sales teams so they can work smoothly together and clinch the next deal.

What you should know about internal developer portals

Internal developer portals are quickly gaining traction at software companies as they seek to improve their developer experience, and thus, efficiency.

Onboarding and automation: What fintechs can learn from big banks

Any automation needs accurate information to function properly and predictably to deliver the results that startups and enterprises want.

Yeah, tech growth is slowing down

Airbnb, Twilio and Amplitude's earnings together indicate that tech growth is slowing not just for Big Tech, it's across the board.

What is this, revenue growth for ants?

Growth matters, but given the macroeconomic climate, smaller numbers are apparently OK as long as there are clear factors driving future revenue and profit.

4 SaaS engagement metrics that attract investors

To find customer retention data points that have strong investor appeal, start studying these engagement stats from your existing customers.

Generative AI could transform the way we interact with enterprise software

The advent of generative AI has the potential to be the biggest change to enterprise software interfaces since the graphical user interface.

DocuSign could be suffering from a pandemic growth hangover

DocuSign was flying during the pandemic when people couldn't meet in person, but it might have grown too quickly, and it's paying the price.

SaaS is still open for business, but it’s going to take longer to buy and sell

The bottom line? In 2023, SaaS is still open for business; it’s just going to take longer to buy and sell.

For tech titans, AI prominence is the new measuring stick

For many tech companies, investors are applying a new valuation method that has caught our eye: AI proficiency.

AI’s ascendance seems unfazed by SVB mess

Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, your computer is going to get a lot smarter and more useful in the coming years.

Product-led growth is propelling a wave of sales tools startups

It’s tempting to call the new generation of sales tools “PLG CRMs,” but, it turns out, they don’t quite fit that description.

Building a PLG motion on top of usage-based pricing

Usage-based pricing is an essential component of any PLG strategy. In fact, it’s my belief that you cannot have true PLG without UBP.

Q1 2023 market map: SaaS cost optimization and management

Simply reducing costs in lieu of growth will not work. Likewise, maximizing growth with little sensitivity around costs won’t work in 2023.

Building a lean B2B startup growth stack

I’ve spent years trying to understand which tools give you the most bang for your buck and which are just not worth the overhead.

How to turn an open source project into a profitable business

To find the path for monetizing your open source product, talk to your clients and understand their goals and pains.

Using predictive LTV to juice up marketing campaigns

Incorporating predictive LTV helps make more informed, data-driven decisions and improves campaign results.

Optimizing freemium products: Challenges and opportunities

Enabling freemium can bring organizational and operational challenges, even if it adds value to the business.
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