Google launches earthquake alerts on Android in India

Google has announced the launch of its earthquake alert system for Android devices in India. The system uses smartphone sensors such as accelerators, which can act as small seismometers to detect trem

Google adds recent earthquake info to its search results

If you live anywhere near an earthquake zone (hello, San Francisco!), chances are you’ve occasionally wondered whether what you felt was an earthquake or just the rumbling of a heavy truck driv

Jawbone Looks At UP Data To See How Many Were Woken Up By The Napa Earthquake

Jawbone has shown one of the more interesting ways data gathered on its platform might be used for large-scale population studies: The fitness tracker company looked at its cumulative UP data to find

TekTrak: Mobile Location App Helps Reunite A Family After The Japanese Earthquake

<img src="" />When disasters of scale happen, like the massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake that struck Japan and sent tsunamis rippl

Following Earthquake, Japanese Officials Fear Partial Nuclear Meltdown Underway

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> A massive earthquake that struck off Japan's northeastern coast on Friday— taking 1,200 lives, with thou

Mapping Earthquake Recovery Projects in Haiti

<img src="" alt="" title="Picture 10" width="300" height="182" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-198011" /> Haiti is still st