• Who says DRM is difficult to understand?

    The BBC has released this helpful infographic to let everyone out there know that DRM isn’t just simple — it’s fun! Of course, you’d have to be a goddamn PhD of doublespeak to make any sense of it, but who isn’t these days? Read More

  • EA releases DRM removal tool

    Unless you’re like me and buy all your EA games via Steam, you’ve got some serious DRM. And once you uninstalled the game, you’ve still got DRM. While EA has released a few game specific tools for removing said DRM, they haven’t exactly made it easy have they? Well good news – EA released a tool today that will help you manage the DRM from any game… Read More

  • Steam and Games for Windows Live add more piracy protection

    In moves which may or may not lead to an outcry from the gamer population at large, both Valve and Microsoft have strengthened their DRM on their PC gaming platforms. Whether these changes will simply curb piracy, as intended, or whether they will prove a nuisance as other DRM schemes have done historically is yet to be seen. Read More

  • Holy Cats! There is a DRM chip inside the iPod Shuffle earbuds! [Update]

    J&R over at BBG dissected the iPod Shuffle’s tiny headphone control system and found an unidentified chip, a 8A83E3 that appears to be some sort of proprietary physical control that prevents unauthorized transmission of commands to the Shuffle without an official Apple adapter. If this is true – and it seems old in-line adapters don’t work with the Shuffle, this is kind of… Read More

  • iTunes drama: What exactly did Steve Jobs say to Sony?

    You’d think that the music industry would be grateful for Apple, which, with the launch of the iTunes Store in 2003, pretty much saved its keister. Not so, according to the old gray lady! In the negotiations leading up to tiered pricing and the removal of DRM, Steve Jobs and Sony’s music chairman, Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, got into a little bit of an argument over the phone, which the… Read More

  • Personal information in iTunes files should prevent mass piracy

    Yes, iTunes-purchased songs are no longer encumbered with DRM, but don’t think that gives you free reign to put your songs on your peer-to-peer network of choice all willy nilly. That’s because, while there’s no DRM to prevent you from sharing the songs with other people per se, the songs still have some of your personal information embedded in there. Read More

  • Apple wants 30 cents per song to upgrade your iTunes library

    You can upgrade your iTunes music and video library right now, if that’s your thing. Read More

  • Apple ditching DRM? 3G iTunes downloads?

    Looks like the gods at Apple have been listening. People have long complained about Apple’s DRM protection on music available on iTunes and the inability to download songs to the iPhone over 3G (I mean come on). That might change tomorrow. Read More

  • EA to release games on Valve's Steam completely free of DRM

    Not only are EA games going to be released on Steam henceforth—in and of itself a big deal—but the games will be totally free of DRM. It seems the largest video games publisher has learned its lesson, and the hard way: legitimate gamers (that is, non-pirates) want nothing to do with digital rights management. Read More

  • How to successfully guilt-trip software pirates

    Oh my. I like the “Shame on me” button. I think I’m going to go register my trial copy of WinRAR , which I’ve been “evaluating” for 8 years. A commenter points out that in the full screencap you can see that the guy has an 8-core Mac Pro with 10 gigs of RAM. I think he can afford a $20 program! [via Reddit] Read More

  • Blu-ray DRM: Slysoft and studios do battle

    You may or may not be aware, but there has been and still is a war being waged over Blu-ray DRM. Slysoft announced that they cracked the BD+ algorithm back in March this year and has been including Blu-ray backup with AnyDVD HD since March. That was just eight months after Richard Doherty from Envisioneering Group predicted that BD+ would stand for 10 years.  But! Just because BD+ plus has… Read More

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