Good Old Games: Lack Of DRM Makes Acquiring Games Quite Difficult

You really ought to take a few mounts of your day to check out Adventure Classic Gaming’s interview with the folks behind Good Old Games, the online service that lets people download and play classic games, and completely without DRM. And what do you know, their selling of DRM-free games hasn’t caused the planet to explode (but it is sometimes hard to convince publishers to sign up). We’ve been lied to this whole time!

Beyond the DRM-free aspect of the game—no having to stay online 24/7 or having to sell your first born son just to play a game—GoG also brings up a great point: how many times can you play Call of Duty, or its derivatives?

Why not, instead of trying to rank up in some meaningless scoreboard—yay, I’m ranked 47,000th in the world at this game, what fun!—you try a game that’s a little different? I don’t know what you’d call Dragon Age 2, but it really is stretching the definition of RPG. GoG, meanwhile, has Planescape: Torment for $10, Arcanum for $6, and BioWare’s own Baldur’s Gate games for $10. Or what about the original two Fallout games (seen here), which, I think we can all agree, were much better than Fallout 3. (New Vegas was pretty good, though.)

So yeah, the interview is worth the read if you have a few moments to spare.