Google responds to academic funding controversy — with a GIF

Last week, an advocacy group called Campaign for Accountability (CfA) released a list of academics and policy experts who had received funding from Google in the last few years. That created quite a

New game simulates the old grind

Pippin Barr, Assistant Professor in the Department of Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montréal, has released a game that I’m sure you’re all going to enjoy. It&#821

We are all excited for CES which is great and wonderful and right around the corner-ish

See you there!

A hack by any other name

Early this morning — so early that most of our audience probably didn’t see it — a story was posted on TechCrunch from the ever so friendly OurMine hacking team. The post was up for a handful of

AR helmet maker Skully investors boot founders, replacing them with Martin Fitcher as CEO

Anonymous sources have confirmed to TechCrunch that Skully co-founders Marcus and Mitch Weller have been kicked out of the company by investors. Marcus served as CEO of Skully while his brother Mitch

Congrats to former TechCrunch co-editor Alexia Tsotsis on graduating from Stanford

Today, the former co-editor of TechCrunch, Alexia Tsotsis, is graduating from Stanford’s MSx program at the Graduate School of Business. She’s coming away with a Master of Science degree

Arianna Huffington No Longer Runs The Aol Tech Sites

You know every once in a while you come across news about your company and it turns out your boss is no longer your boss anymore. If you're me this probably happens to you every three months. Anywa

Tired Of Straight Tech News? Check Out Techcrunch.com/Drama

We know that many of you visit TechCrunch on the regular for a hearty dose of startup coverage, general tech news and opinionated coverage of the tech zeitgeist. But we also know that the trainwreck p