Southeast Asia’s Grab plans electric vehicle push

Grab, the ride-hailing company that consumed Uber’s business in Southeast Asia, today made a big push to grow the number of electric vehicles in its fleet after it partnered with energy supplie

The well-funded startups driven to own the autonomous vehicle stack

At some point in the future, while riding along in a car, a kid may ask their parent about a distant time in the past when people used steering wheels and pedals to control an automobile. Of course, t

Crunch Report | Delphi Buys Nutonomy for $400 Million

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Delphi buys Nutonomy for $400 million to scale and deliver autonomous vehicles

Delphi today announced it is purchasing the self-driving car company Nutonomy for $450 million. Founded in 2013 by Dr. Karl Iagnemma and Dr. Emilio Frazzoli, Nutonomy is Boston-based company that deve

Delphi’s autonomous driving business is being renamed ‘Aptiv’

Delphi is renaming the part of its business that’s focused on automated driving and electrification, calling the new entity Aptiv starting from March, when it will formalize the separation of th

Delphi partners with BlackBerry QNX on its autonomous driving platform

Delphi is planning to launch its own autonomous driving solution for car manufacturers and mobility service fleet operators in 2019, and it announced today that it will use BlackBerry QNX as the opera

LiDAR maker Innoviz raises $65M from Delphi, Magna and more

Innoviz, a company making LiDAR sensors to support the development and deployment of autonomous driving, has raised a new $65 million in Series B funding, from strategic partners and leading auto indu

Delphi and LiDAR-maker Innoviz partner on self-driving tech

Automotive supply giant Delphi, which recently shifted focus to target autonomous and high-tech solutions more specifically, has signed a new partnership with Innoviz, an Israeli tech company building

Delphi and Transdev to develop global on-demand driverless transportation

Dance cards are filling up for the coming autonomous driving revolution: The newest partners are Delphi and Transdev, who are joining forces to create an automated, on-demand mobility systems, with a

BMW, Intel and Mobileye bring Delphi in on their self-driving platform

BMW, Intel and Mobileye have a new partner in their previously announced initiative to co-develop an autonomous driving platform. Delphi is now a member of the group effort, which was announced first

Intel’s new Silicon Valley Autonomous Driving Garage is primed for partnerships

Intel just launched a new Autonomous Driving Garage facility in San Jose. The autonomous tech development facility is one of four garages Intel maintains globally -- the Silicon Valley location, howev

Delphi’s multi-layer display gives your car dashboard some depth

An in-car display is a terrible thing to waste, but Delphi’s new multi-layer dash screen technology could help automakers do something more interesting with all that in-car real estate. The info

Delphi’s self-driving car takes us on a stress-free tour of Las Vegas

Delphi has been coming to CES for 21 years as of this year, the company’s CTO Jeffery Owens told me on Tuesday before we embarked on a short tour of downtown Las Vegas aboard an Audi equipped wi

Intel joins Mobileye and Delphi on self-driving car system

Mobileye and Delphi announced a partnership to build an affordable self-driving car platform it could sell to automakers starting in 2019 earlier this year, and now Intel is joining the two automative

Mobileye and Delphi aim to bring self-driving cars to market as early as 2019

Mobileye, a key supplier of components like image processing  and computer vision systems for automakers, announced a partnership with self-driving software and hardware provider Delphi today to be

Delphi NAV300 GPS Keeps It Safe, Paints By Numbers

Here’s another Tale of Interest, the Delphi Nav300, a GPS unit with a 3.5-inch display. You should know by now that nearly every GPS unit on the market is identical, though companies are trying

Delphi SkyFi3 XM Review

Give a little get a little” is an appropriate description of the SkyFi3. Seems to me that Delphi’s initial thought was to provide XM in the car, and then they expanded that role. Similar to Pi

Holiday Portable Media Player Guide: What's Right for You?

There are loads of PMP choices—not all of them from Apple—that are worthy of being carried around and fondled as you go about your day. What’s right for you may not be right for the

Delphi SKYFi3 Wants Your Card in Its Slot

Man, I never get tired of making juvenile “slot” comments. Anyhoo, Delphi and XM radio continue their satellite-radio partnership with the SKYFi3. It’s 65-percent smaller than the pr

Delphi SkyFi3 XM Radio Has Removable Storage

Delphi’s stepping up the XM receiver race with their new SkyFi3 model. This model is the first of its kind to include a removable storage solution, in this case a microSD slot. The other pretty