Delphi’s autonomous driving business is being renamed ‘Aptiv’

Delphi is renaming the part of its business that’s focused on automated driving and electrification, calling the new entity Aptiv starting from March, when it will formalize the separation of that aspect of its company from the portion focused on more traditional powertrain.

Once the spin-off is finished, Delphi’s current CEO Kevin Clark will become CEO of Aptiv, and Delphi’s current CTO Glen De Vos will also make the transition over to the same role at Aptiv, which probably gives you a good sense of where the company’s priorities lie in terms of future focus.

Aptiv was chosen for the name because of how it reflects “adaptiveness,” according to the company, and the overall focus will be on the so-called “brain” elements of the vehicle, as well as its sensing capabilities, ADAS and connected services.

As for the rest of Delphi, current Powertrain business president Liam Butterworth will take over as CEO.

Delphi has made a number of moves in autonomous driving, including partnering with Intel and operating some test vehicles developed in partnership with the chipmaker and its own recent acquisition Mobileye. It’s likely its partnerships will all continue under the new Aptiv entity and name.