Will We See Delicious 2.0 This Week?

It’s been four and a half months since Yahoo first previewed Delicious 2.0. We’ve heard not a peep from them since as to when it might launch publicly and replace the existing, somewhat da

Delicious Integrated Into Yahoo Search Results

I just got word that Yahoo is testing the integration of Delicious user generated bookmarks into Yahoo search results pages (Yahoo acquired Delicious in late 2005). Some users will see the Delicious i

2008: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

This will be the third annual post on “Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without.” The first post, for 2006, is here. The 2007 post, written a year ago, is here. This is a list of th

Google Tops Feed Reader and Social Bookmark Rankings

Some interesting audience-engagement data just came out from, which ranks the top feed readers and bookmarking services by how actively they are used. These rankings are based on how many

Exclusive: Screen Shots And Feature Overview of Delicious 2.0 Preview

Social bookmarking site Delicious launched a limited, invite-only preview of version 2.0 of the service this afternoon. The new site can be accessed at, although only invited use

If You Don't Use, You Will Now

Social bookmarking service has one of the more popular Firefox Add-ons, but until recently it didn’t sync with your account and bring bookmarks and tags to the browser. A few months Widget Released

News from has been slow the last year – a couple of controversies and some solid overall growth. It’s an example of something the Internet really needed, but it’s also a reports 1 million users – post Yahoo! growth tops all of Digg founder Joshua Schachter just posted to the blog that the service has registered its 1 millionth user. Schachter says that number has more than tripled in the last 9 months. Th

Traffic fight: Hitwise says is soaring

New numbers indicate that, just as the company says, Yahoo! owned has experienced substantial growth since the December acquisition. Respected traffic analysts Hitwise just posted a report

More Stats on, This Time Positive

This is an update on the post I wrote about earlier today that showed massively decreasing traffic on the site according to Comscore, and flat traffic from Alexa. I spoke with

Dazzle Us Again,

Update: See my updated post on, “More Stats on, This Time Positive” It’s been nearly eight months since was acquired by Yahoo, and it is still the

Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

There have been numerous 2005 “best of” and 2006 “predictions” posts over the last few weeks as the year comes to an end. I’m not going to write one of those. Giving out – Yahoo Acquires

I just got off an instant message conversation with Joshua Schachter, the founder of I was asking him for any comment on the Yahoo acquisition rumors and he pointed me to the

New Look At just put up a completely new site. Recent bookmarks on the left, popular bookmarks on the right. It’s about time. :-) Nice one, Joshua. Logged In: Logged Out: Thanks for the tip Bria

Instantly Hooked on

Three sites I use often are Digg, Slashdot and If you want to find out what’s hot right now on the Internet, those sites will tell you (although Memeorandum usually gets the

Wow! rolls out more stuff

In addition to the robust and open search functionality released by earlier this week, there are at least two additional new features that are worth noting. I also have a few more thought Expands Search Feature

Fred Wilson reports that has extended its existing user-only search to everyone. Previously search was available only if you were logged in to your account. Check it out on any

Google Targets

Google has quietly launched a nascent bookmarking and tagging product as a feature to search history. It’s not “social” bookmarking, like, because bookmarks are not publi

Happy Birthday! turned two years old on September 15, 2005. Happy Birthday, and Congratulations Joshua! Toolbar Coming

Company: Previous Posts: August 15, 2005, July 10, 2005 and June 16, 2005 This is definitely filed under the rumor category, but two people have separately pointed out to me a public del.i
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