Delicious 2.0 Imminent Again

Yahoo’s inability to launch Delicious 2.0, which was feature complete and in private beta back in September 2007, has become a bit of a joke around Silicon Valley.

Last month we called on Yahoo to provide guidance on when we might see the new version of the service. In a blog post today, the Delicious team says to get ready for the new version, it’s “almost ready.”

We heard this all before. In January the Delicious blog strongly suggested a launch was imminent, but it never came. We heard from sources inside the company that the issue was an inability to scale the product properly. Some team members suggested caching of bookmark data to reduce the load on the database servers. Others thought a fresh set of database queries were needed every time a user pulled up a page on Delicious. Since that page lists every tag they’ve ever used, the site crawled.

It’s unlikely the team would head fake us again with a blog post unless they were really sure it was time to turn on Delicious 2.0 for everyone. It’s just too bad that Delicious founder Joshua Schachter left the company before he was able to see it go live.

More screen shots of Delicious 2.0 are here.