Delicious 2.0 News Finally Comes To New York

I know we can’t always expect our friends in New York to stay completely up to date on the latest Silicon Valley product developments. But Silicon Alley Insider’s report on a redesign and rebranding at Delicious is just a tad late. Like 6 months late (the screen shot they show is even dated August 2007).

It was announced and shown to the public last September along with word that the entire back end had been rewritten as well. And the rebranding of to delicious? has redirected to for at least a year.

The real question is when this will actually launch. We were teased in January on the delicious blog but the promised update never happend. Now it’s March and Yahoo is still silent on the issue.

Don’t think I’m being too hard on SAI. It’s one of my favorite blogs. And we have a history of friendly jabs at each other.