Delicious Rolls Out A Few More Appetizing Features

Social bookmarking service Delicious is kicking the year off with a few enhancements to its service and interface. Delicious, which has made Michael’s favorite products list for the past three years, allows you to store, access and share your bookmarks and links from around the web.

The service has updated its bookmark display options in a more compact interface, combining all of the options to th right of the Tagbar. Tag Options has been reshuffled and moved it to the sidebar where the tags are actually listed, which makes sense.

Within the bookmark display menu, you can now filter your bookmarks by Only Private or Only Public. You can also indicate whether you want to show the history of who you’ve sent bookmarks to, giving you the ability to hide who you’ve shared your bookmarks with. And you can open your bookmarks in a new browser tab instead of within the same window.

Delicious has added a new browsing feature that helps save you from the annoyance of bouncing back and forth from Delicious when viewing more than one bookmark in a row. Via the “Browse these Bookmarks” tab, Delicious will open up a small frame at the top of the page, which will allow you to see a visual snapshot of your bookmarks as you browse through the list.

Acquired by Yahoo in 2005, Delicious was one of the pioneers of social bookmarking. The site recently became a little more Twitter-centric, with more emphasis on the realtime web. Unfortunately, Delicious’ founder, Joshua Schachter (who left Yahoo last year, to go work for Google), wasn’t such a big fan of the Twitterification of the service. Schacter also revealedhis regrets about selling the startup to Yahoo.