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Deal Dive: It’s time for VCs to break up with fast fashion

VCs have long supported fast-fashion companies but the controversies and lawsuits they draw makes them riskier investments.

Deal Dive: Can AI fix lost and found?

Boomerang thinks so. It uses machine learning to match photos and descriptions of lost items to streamline the lost and found process.

Deal Dive: Tier and Dott’s merger is not a sign of what’s to come in M&A this year

M&A is expected to rise in 2024, but we won't likely see a lot of consolidation among startups that wouldn't make it on their own.

Deal Dive: A Stripe secondary deal worth paying attention to

A recent secondary stock sale shows that investors are starting to value Stripe above its most recent, slashed, valuation.

Deal Dive: Thank god a startup is solving the bed bug problem

Spotta's devices can identify bugs before they become infestations, both indoors and outdoors.

Deal Dive: Training the workforce for the clean energy transition

Montamo hires and trains people to work in the clean energy transition with an emphasis on helping migrants build a new career.

Deal Dive: Making the clean energy transition, well, cleaner

Nth Cycle is one of the few startups tackling the cleantech's carbon-heavy supply chain and building a cleaner infrastructure for the sector.

Deal Dive: Betting on beauty fads is big business

RepeatMD recently raised a $50 million Series A round to serve the exploding med spa industry that is built on consumer beauty trends.

Deal Dive: An AI application that isn’t just marginally better

Pippin Title uses AI to help its customers navigate the fragmented world of property titles into one digital space.

Deal Dive: BNPL expands beyond its roots — that’s a good thing

There is a growing group of startups looking to expand the BNPL model into other categories.

TC+ Roundup: What happened to the Adobe-Figma deal?

It’s been over a year since Adobe announced that it intended to buy Figma for $20 billion, yet the two companies are still separate entities.

Deal Dive: Bagels with a schmear of venture capital

Popup Bagels raised $8 million in venture capital this week. But why would a bagel store chain want such expensive capital?

Deal Dive: Tucker Carlson is a media startup founder — again

Tucker Carlson has raised $15 million for a new subscription-based entity. But he'll need more than name recognition for it to succeed.

TC+ Roundup: How to capture market share in the era of AI

Good morning! We have lots of good stuff for you this Tuesday, so let’s dig right in. Up first, we surveyed six investors who are placing bets on AI. We wanted to know how startups should begin buil

Deal Dive: Why does General Catalyst want to buy a healthcare system?

Why would a VC firm want to own its own healthcare system? Why would it want that stress or such a costly asset when it could just continue with its healthcare partnerships?

Deal Dive: The future of social media is vertical

While many startups are looking to be the next Twitter, those targeting specific communities may find a better outcome.

Deal Dive: Elder tech is expanding beyond reactive solutions

Bold creates personalized exercise programs for seniors to reduce injury. It's one of the latest companies expanding the eldertech sector.

Deal Dive: I think I know why this company can’t land a deal

It's not surprising Victory Park Capital can't find a buyer for its stake in Perch; this market is tough for Amazon aggregator startups.

Deal Dive: A cellular ag startup with a real moat

Would you eat lab-grown meat? Would you give the same answer if someone asked you to use a beauty product that had lab-grown collagen as an ingredient? Cellular agriculture — the process of growing

Deal Dive: Forecasting rain on DTC’s Parade

While we don't have the numbers, it seems safe to assume Parade won't be the only DTC startup to see a similar exit.
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