Deal Dive

Deal Dive: Elder tech is expanding beyond reactive solutions

Bold creates personalized exercise programs for seniors to reduce injury. It's one of the latest companies expanding the eldertech sector.

Deal Dive: I think I know why this company can’t land a deal

It's not surprising Victory Park Capital can't find a buyer for its stake in Perch; this market is tough for Amazon aggregator startups.

Deal Dive: A cellular ag startup with a real moat

Would you eat lab-grown meat? Would you give the same answer if someone asked you to use a beauty product that had lab-grown collagen as an ingredient? Cellular agriculture — the process of growing

Deal Dive: Forecasting rain on DTC’s Parade

While we don't have the numbers, it seems safe to assume Parade won't be the only DTC startup to see a similar exit.

Deal Dive: This AI startup is racking up government customers

For most startups it is hard to land a government contract but IVIX has landed multiple inside the U.S. and beyond.

Deal Dive: Most secondary sales in venture won’t look like Tiger’s Flipkart deal

Tiger Global sold its Flipkart stake at a valuation 7% below the startup's last primary round. This outcome isn't likely to happen again.

Deal Dive: Cutting through the noise in a category clouded by catastrophic failure

The startup is building a machine, VitalOne, that can perform more than 50 blood tests and get patient results back in 20 minutes.

Deal Dive: Futureverse is a metaverse company that might actually get it

Futureverse is making tools that brands can use to build content for the metaverse, but not the one that Meta is envisioning.

Deal Dive: Backing a founder again after they’ve spun out from their acquirer

Performance Livestock Analytics spun out from Zoetis because the startup thought it could achieve better scale on its own.

Deal Dive: Startups can still raise capital — even if it’s for a good cause

Everytable just raised $25 million for its for-profit startup that looks to make healthy food as accessible as fast food.

Deal Dive: Betting on the sports betting market

While legacy sports betting companies dominate the online market, Miami-based Betr thinks there is room for more players.

Deal Dive: Caraway shows what else digital health can do

Caraway, which looks to provide supplemental telehealth services to Gen Z, has raised a $16.75 million Series A round.

Deal Dive: Maybe venture debt works for asset managers after all

While many venture debt lenders were skeptical the strategy would work for asset managers, BlackRock decided to take the plunge.

Deal Dive: Finally, a startup building a network for those who could benefit the most

Network-focused startups have started getting a bad rep in startup land, but 2045 is actually bringing something new to the table.

Deal Dive: Doing venture math on the non-alcoholic spirits industry

Hangovers suck. Especially so for those who felt pressured to drink the alcohol that inevitably caused the hangover to begin with. Drinking is slowly starting to fall out of fad, especially among youn

Deal Dive: Why this startup chose to sell itself over raising a Series A

Heroes Jobs realized that its user acquisition costs were too high to be successful as a solo company and decided to partner.

Deal Dive: Gradiant is the new kind of unicorn worth getting excited about

The 10-year-old company that's been grinding away in a tough industry offers a lot of hints of what the unicorns of 2023 will look like.

Deal Dive: AI relationship coach Amorai offers more questions than answers

Amorai is creating an AI relationship coach but the startup isn't sharing what it could look like, and an AI expert isn't sure it would work.