dark pattern design

WhatsApp agrees to clean up its user messaging in the EU

It’s taken rather longer than a month for Meta-owned WhatsApp to commit to address complaints swirling around how it imposes terms of service on users but the European Commission has just announ

A new tip line invites anyone to name and shame companies for dark pattern designs

You may not be familiar with the term “dark patterns” but the manipulative design phenomenon is ubiquitous in the apps and services we use every day. Dark patterns nudge consumers to make

Can’t figure out how to end your Amazon Prime sub? These complaints could help…

Amazon’s use of dark patterns that add friction to the process of terminating a Prime subscription is being targeted by 16 consumer rights groups in Europe and the US which are taking coordinate

PSA: Yes you can join a Zoom meeting in the browser

Work in the time of COVID-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus, is driving huge growth in videoconferencing as scores of office workers go remote and log on to meetings from home. Zoom, which offer

Google’s latest user-hostile design change makes ads and search results look identical

Did you notice a recent change to how Google search results are displayed on the desktop? I noticed something last week — thinking there must be some kind of weird bug messing up the browser&#82

GDPR has cut ad trackers in Europe but helped Google, study suggests

An analysis¬†of the impact of Europe’s new data protection framework, GDPR, on the adtech industry suggests the regulation has reduced the numbers of ad trackers that websites are hooking into E

WTF is dark pattern design?

If you’re a UX designer you won’t need this article to tell you about dark pattern design. But perhaps you chose to tap here out of a desire to reaffirm what you already know — to fe