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Why some VCs bet on people over businesses

It’s been tough to raise funds in the last few years for most sectors, and many VCs will tell you that a startup needs to have a killer product-market fit before getting that check. But Eric Tar

Hear from Contrary Capital and AtoB on TechCrunch Live today

We're talking to Eric Tarczynski of Contrary Capital and Harshita Arora of AtoB about how the VC and startup world reacts to the Girl Genius vs. the Boy Genius.

Treasury management startup Vesto wants to help other startups put their idle cash to work

Benjamin Döpfner has been building companies since he was a teenager.  One of his more recent ventures was based in Berlin, and at the time of its founding in 2019, Germany actually had negative int

Uprise banks $1.4M to be a ‘family office’ for Gen Z

Uprise takes in a user’s full financial picture, including overlooked aspects like employer benefits, and offers recommendations on where to funnel money.

Community is the new AI

Natasha and Mary Ann and Alex were all aboard this week with Grace on the dials, which meant that we had a flat lovely time recording Equity for you. Of course, Equity is TechCrunch’s ventu

Contrary Capital’s $20M Fund II is all about community-first investments

When Eric Tarczynski was first building Contrary Capital, he noticed there was an absence of venture capital firms focused on entrepreneurs within universities. So, he launched a $2.2 million debut fu

Social shopping-focused Chums announces $3.5M raise ahead of YC Demo Day

With Y Combinator Demo Day kicking off tomorrow morning, startups in the current batch are hurrying to make a little news before they show off their recent growth to investors. The list includes Runwa

Jesus, SaaS and digital tithing

There are more than 300,000 congregations in the U.S., and entrepreneurs are creating billion-dollar companies by building software to service them.

Contrary Capital wants to invest in the next big tech mafia

Contrary Capital, which has raised money from Tesla, Reddit, SoFi and Twitch, knows a thing or two about how to work with tech’s brightest mafias. Now it wants to invest in them, before anyone else.

Startups Weekly: Part & Parcel plans plus-sized fashion empire

In this week's newsletter: Part & Parcel is bringing plus-sized clothing out of the dark corners of department stores.

Part fund, part accelerator, Contrary Capital invests in student entrepreneurs

Contrary Capital is raising $35 million to invest between $50,000 and $200,000 in students and recent college dropouts.