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Zendesk hits $500M run rate, launches enterprise content management platform

Over the last several years, Zendesk has been making the transition from a company that caters mostly to small businesses to one with larger enterprise customers — and their revenue reflects tha

Consolidation in the cloud as OpenText buys Hightail and Carbonite grabs Mozy from Dell

Back in the early 2000s before Dropbox was a gleam in Drew Houston’s eye, sharing large files was a huge challenge. Email services limited attachment size because bandwidth and storage were both

Box’s dalliance with AI foretells a broader shift in content management

As Box CEO Aaron Levie pointed out at his BoxWorks keynote this week, content management has been an evolving field since it came into being as an enterprise software concept in the 1990s. Back in tho

Box Skills applies AI and machine learning to growing multimedia content

Box CEO Aaron Levie has always had a vision for the company that extended well beyond its earliest use case as way to transfer files between machines online. His company has continually kept looking t

OpenText acquires forensic security vendor Guidance Software for $240 million

OpenText, the content management company based in Waterloo, Ontario announced today that it was buying Guidance Software, a forensic security and eDiscovery vendor for $240 million. OpenText agreed to

Box deepens partnership with Microsoft and turns its attention to AI and machine learning

Surely Box is of sufficient size with enough data running through its systems to take advantage of machine learning. Today, the company announced a deepening relationship with Microsoft in which Box w

Box’s cloud content management vision showing results

For years, Box has been seen by many in the press, analyst and investor communities as a storage product and nothing more, which given its roots, was an understandable misperception. But CEO Aaron Lev

Box introduces “New Box” at BoxWorks

Box has always been known as the irritant in the content management industry, that plucky cloud upstart ready to take on the staid and conservative on-prem competition, but after more than a decade in

Besties IBM and Box create a workflow tool for regular folks

When Box praised its partnership with IBM at its earnings call last week, it was holding one card close the vest. The two companies had been working on a new workflow tool, and today they announced

Box Shuttle helps ferry legacy file stores to cloud

Box announced Box Shuttle today, a new service that combines software and consulting to help customers move large — as in millions or even hundreds of millions — of legacy files to the Box

OpenText acquires HP customer experience content management for $170 million

OpenText, the Canadian content management company, announced today that it was buying much of the customer experience content management business from HP Inc, the consumer printer business that emerge

New Box product will let you choose storage from IBM and AWS

For several years, Box CEO Aaron Levie has been trying to get people to understand his company is not in the storage business. To drive that point home Box announced Box Zones today, a product that

Rumors swirl EMC wants to dump Documentum ahead of Dell acquisition

Rumors are flying today that to nobody’s surprise, EMC and by extension its new sugar Daddy Dell are looking to dump dowdy Documentum, the company’s enterprise content management product.

Box Snags Former EMC Exec To Run Nascent Platform As A Service Offering

Box announced today that it was hiring former EMC executive Jeetu Patel to head its platform business. Patel will have the title senior vice president of platform and chief strategy officer. His pri

Box Metadata Update Part Of Broader Strategy To Attract Large Customers

Box announced a major update to its metadata feature today, a move that is part of a broader strategy to attract and keep larger customers. The update includes three major pieces: first of all it pr

Box’s Latest Vertical Package Focuses On Financial Services

Box has a plan to keep growing and it involves building vertical pillars on top of the base Box platform and APIs. To that end, Box announced a new financial services vertical today with a set of tool

EMC Partners With Hippo To Gain Customer Experience Management Foothold

EMC and Hippo announced a partnership today in which Hippo, an open source web content management platform, will integrate with EMC Documentum, EMC’s enterprise content management software. As w

Box Has Always Been About Reshaping Enterprise Software

One of Box’s earliest marketing stunts was a series of billboards on California’s Route 101 in which it made no bones about going after enterprise content management (ECM) big shot, Micros

British Authorities Drop Autonomy Accounting Inquiry, US Investigation Continues

The British Serious Fraud Office today dropped its investigation into accusations of accounting improprieties at Autonomy, citing insufficient evidence to continue the investigation, but it made cle

Seismic Shakes, Rattles And Rolls With $20M In Funding

Seismic, a company that helps sales and marketing departments create and manage their content, while ensuring they are always using the most current materials, landed $20M in Series B funding today. T
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