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Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro will be shaped by workflows

A year ago, I visited the Apple campus in Cupertino to figure out where the hell the new Mac Pro was. I joined a round-table discussion with Apple SVPs and a handful of reporters to get the skinny on

GoPro to license camera lenses and sensors to third party manufacturers

GoPro is today announcing a multi-year deal with Jabil that aims to put GoPro technology in everything from police body cameras to video conferencing solutions. Through this agreement, Jabil will lice

‘Come for the tool, stay for the network’ is wrong

Marc Bodnick Contributor Marc Bodnick led the business and community teams at Quora from 2011-16. Prior to that, he was a co-founder and managing director of Elevation Partners, where he helped lead t

Does Gillette know your name?

How do you get excited about a new snack food or laundry detergent when virtual reality, artificial intelligence and autonomous cars dominate the news? It’s easy: Because consumer goods impact every

Reimagining Everyday Objects

Can we agree that the term “internet of things” should go away when we’re talking about consumer products? Like the "world wide web" before it, the internet of things phrase is a relic from the

47 Startups That Launched At Y Combinator Winter 2015 Demo Day 2

Y Combinator got so big, it had to split its Demo Day in two. During today’s second wave we saw a variety of promising biotech, marketplace, enterprise, and financial tech startups. Yesterday we

New York City’s Tech Boom Continues

While Silicon Valley grabs attention as the center of the tech universe and birthplace for some of the biggest startups, the most recent growth data shows that the NYC tech boom is living up to its ow

With 1M Reviews Logged, Consumr Brings Price Comparison, Personalization And Refined Scoring To Its “Yelp For Products”

Today, with more product information and data on consumer goods living on the Web than ever before, Consumr launched in 2011 to give average Joes like you and me a better way to make sense of that dat

BrandProject Aims To Apply The Betaworks Model To Consumer Products And Goods

A new seed-stage investment fund and ‘company creation’ startup called BrandProject launched today, with offices in Toronto and New York, and a team of founders who, between them, have a b

Microsoft working on some sort of new product

Something cryptic is going on. Apparently Microsoft is gearing up for a $300 million "creative consumer assignment" for a "brand new product." McCann Erickson, Microsoft’s cu