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Construction sites feel emptier, but is bleeding-edge tech the solution?

The labor shortage in construction isn’t a problem that’s unique to the U.S.; it's very much a global issue.

Buildots raises $30M to put eyes on construction sites

Buildots' technology automatically validates images captured by hardhat-mounted 360-degree cameras, detecting any gaps between the original design and what's actually happening on construction sites.

Buildots raises $16M to bring computer vision to construction management

Buildots, a Tel Aviv and London-based startup that is using computer vision to modernize the construction management industry, today announced that it has raised $16 million in total funding. This inc

Startups Weekly: How will we build the city of the future?

Editor’s note: Get this weekly recap of TechCrunch news that any startup can use by email every Saturday morning (7am PT), just subscribe here. Commercial real estate, the traditional heart of most

XYZ Reality secures £5M to bring a hologram headset to the construction industry

Augmented reality technology did not, it turns out, light the touch paper on a booming new industry. What we got instead were a few cute applications on smartphones and devices like Microsoft’s Holo

Kickstarter darling EcoFlow Delta battery generator is not what it seems

The EcoFlow Delta is a new battery generator available on Kickstarter with incredible features claimed. Most are true, some are not. Devices like the Delta offer incredible battery storage capacity. D

Useless and Japan-only but cute: Mini USB construction site

<img src="" /> <a href="">Wiz</a>, the Japanese toy maker behind great stuf