computer vision technology

Datagen raises $50 million Series B to empower computer vision teams

With its self-serve platform, Datagen now has a much more scalable way to help clients themselves generate the visual data that they need to train their computer vision applications.

TrueCircle scoops $5.5M to use AI to drive recycling efficiency

UK-based TrueCircle, a computer vision startup founded just last year, has nabbed $5.5 million in pre-seed funding in a bid to bring data-driven AI to the recycling industry to improve recovery rates

Agot AI gives restaurants computer vision to see where food orders go wrong

Its product confirms order accuracy in real-time for both online ordering and notifies employees if an order needs a correction, for example, they forgot to add cheese or ketchup. 

Tiger, Coatue double down on Hinge Health with new $400M infusion

The company touts that it is "now one of the most valuable companies in digital health."

Amazon partners with AXS to install Amazon One palm readers at entertainment venues

Amazon’s biometric scanner for retail, the Amazon One palm reader, is expanding beyond the e-commerce giant’s own stores. The company announced today it has acquired its initial third-part

Advanced rider assistance systems: Tech spawned by the politics of micromobility

Operators like Spin, Voi, Zipp, Bird and Superpedestrian are investing in tech that can detect and correct poor rider behavior, sometimes going as far as stopping scooters if they're on a sidewalk.