These sweet retro flip-clocks are actually quite reasonably priced

Retro chrome stuff is in demand here in Seattle. It seems like everyone is trying to establish their home as some sort of shrine to “Mad Men.” I even caved and bought this awesome projector screen — trouble is, most of this stuff is super expensive. And one thing I’ve always wanted but have never seemed to find at a decent price is a retro-style clock with the little flipping cards. Well, a commenter over at this AT post pointed me in the right direction and now I’m in agony trying to decide which one I want.

Little Clock Shop has a bunch of clocks for sale (obviously) but these are definitely the coolest. And they’re cheap! $50-$80 for a good-sized, mechanically operated, battery-powered clock that looks like it came out of a time capsule. I’m going to buy one right now if my wallet can stand it.