The Lumimask: A Mask That Wakes You As Gently As Mother Nature

There are plenty of clocks that “light” the room slowly, flooding your optic nerves with crisp morning luminosity in order to wake you the way Madre Natura wanted us to. But until now there’s never been a mask that will wake you with the same soothing change in luminosity.

This device, called the Lumimask, is currently on Kickstarter and $50 gets you a pre-order unit while $100 gets you the device and a pair of pajamas (pre-washed). If it doesn’t get funded it doesn’t get made, so this guy is sending out his heartfelt entreaty to you, the Internet, in hopes that someone out there will help him.

Generally, this mixes two tested products – the sunrise clock and the sleep mask. While I, personally, can’t wear a sleep mask but that shouldn’t stop you.

Here’s how it works:

Before sleep, dial in your wake-up time on the alarm controller. Put LUMI on, and fall asleep. In the morning, 30 minutes before your wake-up time, LUMI’s soft light gradually grows brighter. If your alarm is at 7 am, the light will gradually brighten beginning at 6:30. An audible alarm sounds at the end of the sunrise sequence, letting you know it’s time to start the day.

If he actually gets these made, good for him. The world needs fewer cranky, over-tired people.