Moshi voice-controlled clock: good idea, could be better

I know there have been things like this before, but this one actually looks like a really well-designed little device. The Moshi IVR alarm clock (caution, autoplaying music) is a good-looking little&#

Corpus Clock: Time eats you

This fully mechanical clock – it appears only the lights are electronic – uses a stylized version of the Harrison’s grasshopper escapement to drive the two disks around the face. Thi

DIY MP3 clock: DIY in Chinese means "Buy it from us wholesale"

Not only does this clock look absolutely insane (you basically pick sounds and “stack” them under Windows, adding Frog, Cuckoo, and Hammer noises to your morning wake-up call) it was pitch

USB "tube clock" looks cool, sadly not the real thing

I’ve seen handmade versions of clocks similar to this, and I’ve liked them. Thus I like this one as well, though it’s a little cheap looking. Powered by USB, the clock is a replica o

Video: Rad propeller clock looks cool and dangerous, like me

What happens when a nerd takes a circuit board, LEDs, and an electric motor? He makes a virtual clock out of said spinning circuit board, and the results are cool, though not something I’d want

Automated sundial concept totally awesome

I’m not one to get excited over clocks (I like corkscrews!), but this is pretty interesting. It takes the concept of the sundial to a mechanized future. Three lamps on concentric rings circle th

Shoot your alarm clock with a Sega Phaser Phaser Blasted Alarm Clock! – video powered by Metacafe Another great project from Make. You basically use a phaser to shoo

Video: Etch-A-Sketch powered clock Once in awhile, you find something that where practicality loses out to the powerful forces of all that is awesome. this Etch-A-Sketch base

I dare you to take this clock through airport security

It’s a desk clock shaped like something out of an episode of 24. It’s also one of those, “why didn’t I think of this?” gadgets that we love. It’s just a concept pie

Converge much? Coffee warmer, USB hub, clock

I’m sitting here staring at my Belkin USB hub that serves as a poor man’s docking station because I’m too cheap to spring for a $180 piece of plastic from Sony that would allow me to

Voco Alarm Clock: Wake Up to the Sounds of a Charming Englishman

Alarm clocks — save for Clocky — are generally annoying, boring things. Granted, this Voco clock isn’t exactly as thrilling as front row seats to The Police, but it does have an urba

Prime Time: Transformers Movie Merch Preview

We’re still a couple of months out from the premiere of what will perhaps be the most gadgetastic movie of all time: Transformers. And while we’re covering the events up till it hits the s

Daylight Savings Aftermath Could Continue

When I was at SXSW a few weeks back, the new daylight savings time took place. My Blackjack failed to recognize new switch and I was stuck with the wrong time for the entire week. It was a pain in the

The Futurist: Simple Ways To Make Common Gadgets Better

If your house is anything like the CrunchGear Mansion, it’s filled to the brim with gadgetry and electronica. And with all this newfangled convenience comes an equal dose of frustration. Like wh

K7 Klok Kit: Nixie Tubes for All

We love Nixie tubes. They are vacuum tubes once used as readouts for old timey electronics like nuclear reactor control rooms and James Bond villian bombs. Now you can build your own Nixie clock with

Digital Cuckoo Clock

Well, now this is a funny little thing, isn’t it. It’s a cuckoo clock with a digital readout – it’s hard to see, but it’s in the middle of that weird leaf. No price becau

Wake Over Time

I, for one, am terrible at waking myself up in the morning. I know, I know, you’re probably saying, “Well get an alarm clock, Alex!” Well it’s not that simple. I do have one, but it’s re