The LED Pong Clock, Sans DIY

At the CrunchGear offices, after all our tireless work, we sit around and talk time; watches, clocks, and 2012 occupy our general water cooler discussions. But, when we aren’t talking time, video games is usually next on the list. So combining 1 and 2 would be like the sweet combination of peanut butter to our chocolate. That combination can now be had in a clock called the Wise Clock: our Reese’s Cup, if you will.

The LED clock is brilliantly simple, it simply just tells the time on top of a pong game. The game is not playable by users, instead one must simply watch in amazement that a computer is doing a fine job pretending to be human. Next to making this a DIY project, this is one of the easiest way to have a different kind of clock. Check out the video below.

[via hackaday]