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Grammarly now saves you from embarrassing mistakes in Google Docs, too

Grammarly now supports Google Docs. Over the course of the last few years, Grammarly has made a name for itself as one of the better grammar and spelling checkers on the market. As a Chrome extension,

Guru announces new AI and Sync features for knowledge sharing platform

It’s one thing to have a great business idea, but connecting all of the disparate pieces of information and people needed to build it can be a frustrating growing pain — and one that the i

Slice’s new browser add-on will email you when prices drop

Slice, a company best known to consumers for its mobile shopping assistant that helps you find the best deals, track packages, organize your receipts, and more, is out today with a new service aimed a

Framebench’s New “Mail Markup” Tool Lets You Annotate Files Right In Gmail

Framebench, a Google Docs-like platform for creative collaboration, is out today with a new tool for those who regularly need to annotate and markup attachments shared via email. With “Mail Ma

FIO Is A Simple, Attractive Time Zone Tracker

One of the things I love about working with people all around the world is that I feel like an international woman of mystery. Unfortunately, by "mystery" I mean time zones and my propensity for mixin

MusiXmatch’s Chrome Browser “Hack” Adds Song Lyric Captions To YouTube Music Videos

Ever wanted to sing along to music videos on YouTube but don't know the words? A new Chrome extension from MusiXmatch has you covered.

WriteThat.Name’s New Chrome Extension Updates Your Address Book Or CRM With Contact Info Found Online

After a <a href="">little bit of a rough start</a>, the automatic address book

Context Lets You Search Across Dropbox, Evernote, Spotify & More, All From

For some time, Google has been experimenting with augmenting search results using personal data through its <a target="_blank" href="">Search "field

Findings Redesigns, Rolls Out New Chrome Extension To Help You Manage Your Ideas

We covered the initial launch of a <a href="">service called Findings</a>, a place to sort through all of the ideas that pop into your brain o