• $700,000 Donated To Japan Relief Efforts Via Causes, Salesforce Pledges $25K Matching Grant

    As Japan works to recover from the horrendous earthquake and tsunami that struck last week, many companies and citizens are donating what they can to help. One of the easiest ways to help is to send a text message to the Red Cross (text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation), but there are plenty of other options, particularly if you’re looking to support a certain charity or… Read More

  • Buy Your Valentine's Gift Through Causes, And They'll Donate $10 To Charity

    It’s only ten days til Valentine’s Day (ugh — err, yay!), which means many of you are vaguely aware that you should do something special for your significant other. And this year there’s a way to give your sweetheart a nice gift while also giving back to charity. Causes has just launched a special promotion available at The concept is simple: buy… Read More

  • Causes Raises Another $9 Million To Help Spread Philanthropy Online

    Causes, the startup that helps users leverage Facebook and other social sites to raise money for charity, has closed a $9 million Series C funding round led by NEA with participation from Founders Fund, Marc Benioff, Dustin Moskovitz, Ron Conway, Keith Rabois, and Karl Jacob. Scott Sandell of NEA will join as an observer on the Causes board. Causes CEO Joe Green says that the company will… Read More

  • Bill Clinton Taps Revamped Causes 'Birthday Wish' To Raise Money For Charity

    Former President Bill Clinton is looking to turn his 64th birthday into an opportunity to counter malnutrition in Colombia, reduce childhood obesity in the US, and improve lives around the world. And to do it, he’s turning to Birthday Wish, a service powered by Causes that makes it easy to ask your friends for charity donations in honor of your big day. Clinton will be sharing his… Read More

  • Ron Conway & Sean Parker Raise More Than $70,000 For UCSF And Malaria No More

    Last week we wrote about a friendly challenge between super-angel Ron Conway and entrepreneur/VC Sean Parker over who could raise more money for their favorite causes. The results are in. Conway has raised $40,600 for the UCSF Foundation. He’s beaten Parker, who raised $32,130 for Malaria No More. TechCrunch readers donated to both causes generously, including by simply going to see… Read More

  • Venture Capitalists Ron Conway And Sean Parker Battle For Charity

    Sean Parker (Founders Fund, Facebook, Plaxo, Napster) and angel investor Ron Conway are doing a little smack talking over who’ll raise the most money for charity. Conway is raising for the UCSF Foundation, and Parker is fighting Malaria through Malaria No More. So far Parker is in the lead, with more than $15,000 raised (he’s tying it to his 30th birthday party tonight). Conway… Read More

  • GOOD Scores Funding, Strategic Partnerships To Help Improve The World

    GOOD, an integrated media platform for people who “want to live well and do good”, has announced that it has recently closed a Series A round of funding led by its co-founder and CEO Ben Goldhirsh and a number of angel investors including Nicholas Negroponte. While the amount remains undisclosed, newly appointed President Craig Shapiro says it was in the “single digit… Read More

  • Sean Parker Joins Yammer's Board Of Directors

    Sean Parker is no stranger to Internet success. He’s 28 years old and has already helped start four very well-known services on the web: Napster, Plaxo, Causes, and of course, Facebook. And now he’s taking his impressive resume to Yammer, where he is joining the enterprise microblogging service’s Board of Directors, we’ve learned. Yammer, which won the top prize at… Read More

  • What Michael Birch Did after Selling Bebo and How He Thinks You Should Celebrate Your Birthday

    For all the billions of dollars created here, Silicon Valley is remarkably stingy when it comes to giving. I first wrote about this when I moved here in the great Web 1.0 Internet bubble. Back then, as companies went public all around us, one-third of households earning $100,000 or more gave $1,000 or less to charity—roughly half what the rest of the U.S. gave per dollar earned. And… Read More

  • TwitCause Is Yes, A Causes For Twitter

    Since the early days of the Facebook Platform, Causes has been one of the most popular apps. It’s also big on MySpace, and the company behind it recently announced that they had raised some $10,000,000 for various causes in two years. It makes sense; it’s using the social aspect of these platforms to spread the word on good initiatives. A new venture, TwitCause, from Experience… Read More

  • Causes: $10,000,000 Raised In Just Two Years

    Causes, the popular Facebook and MySpace application that allows users to donate money and build communities around various benevolent initiatives, has just released the latest stats on its fundraising efforts. The organization has now raised a total of $10 million in just over two years, a huge jump from the $2.5 million it had raised over its first twelve months. Even more encouraging is… Read More