Facebook Launches Site To Help Nonprofits Raise Money

Facebook just launched a new site full of resources for non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations looking to raise awareness about their causes and money for them. The site details things like how to set up a Facebook page, enhance that page and analyze engagement, create posts and create a campaign strategy. The site also features success stories of non-profits organizations that have used Facebook to achieve significant results.

Back in November, Facebook launched a new fundraising tool for non-profits that functions as its own page to offer organizations a way to tell their stories and collect donations.

As of last month, almost 8 million people around the world were using 35,000 Facebook groups and pages to support refugees around the world.

This new website is the next step in Facebook’s efforts to “build tools and products to empower [its] global community to do even more good on Facebook,” Facebook Social Good Marketing Manager Joanne Sprague wrote on the Facebook blog.

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