carbon removal

Isometric taps $25M to build a registry and science platform focused on carbon removal

Carbon removal — technology that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores it in geological, terrestrial or ocean reservoirs—or in durable products — saw a big splash of atte

Microsoft bets on algae to mitigate its growing carbon footprint

Like all of its peers in the tech industry, Microsoft has a carbon pollution problem. The software giant’s emissions are on the rise, in spite of a pledge from the company to be carbon negative

Stripe-backed Eion digs up $12M Series A to help farms capture carbon with green rock dust

Agriculture can cut emissions in only so many ways. That’s why there’s growing interest in enhanced rock weathering — the use of minerals to absorb carbon dioxide.

Farmers are key to Lithos Carbon’s quest to remove gigatons of carbon

Lithos Carbon raised a $6.3 million seed round to bring promising geochemistry techniques out of the lab and into the field.

Are carbon offsets bullshit? A renowned climate expert weighs in.

Onstage at TC Sessions: Climate 2022 this week, climate modeling expert Dr. William Collins shared why he’s deeply skeptical of carbon offsets, and tree-based offsets in particular. According to Col