• Cable Tie-Up: Liberty Global Strikes $23.3BN Stock & Cash Deal For U.K.’s Virgin Media

    Cable Tie-Up: Liberty Global Strikes $23.3BN Stock & Cash Deal For U.K.’s Virgin Media

    International cable company Liberty Global has struck a deal to acquire U.K. cable, broadband and mobile telephony company Virgin Media. Liberty’s approach was confirmed yesterday by Virgin Media but the pair have now put out a joint release confirming the acquisition and its terms. The stock and cash merger puts an approximate value of $23.3 billion on the deal. Read More

  • Winter Is Coming: The Great iPhone Cable Shortage Of 2012

    Winter Is Coming: The Great iPhone Cable Shortage Of 2012

    How many iOS charger cables do you own? You know, the 30-pin connector that’s been packaged alongside every iPod, iPhone and iPad for as long as I can remember. Personally, I own seven. Each of my friends and colleagues has (at the very least) more than one of these wires. Essentially, if you’ve owned an iThing for more than a few months, especially an iPhone, you probably own… Read More

  • This Is Most Probably The New iPhone Cable

    This Is Most Probably The New iPhone Cable

    This is most probably the new iPhone cable posted by some folks at Shenzhen-based Veister, an iPhone accessories maker that is clearly trading Apple partner status for a brief uptick in visitors. Read More

  • The Xbox 360, Now A True Cable Box Killer

    The Xbox 360, Now A True Cable Box Killer

    Microsoft just threw down at E3 2012. After exciting the crowd with Halo and Gears of War titles, the company unveiled new additions to the 360’s vast media offering. Don’t be distracted by the video game trailers: this is Redmond’s biggest news of the show. In fact the new offering could lead to a rival of the cord cutting movement. The Xbox 360 has nearly always had an… Read More

  • Cable Providers Mull Switch To A La Carte Subscriptions

    Cable Providers Mull Switch To A La Carte Subscriptions

    I remember when we first got cable, back in the late 80s I suppose, and even as a youngster one of my first thoughts was “man, do we really need all these channels?” That suspicion, that we were perhaps being sold the whole buffet when we knew exactly what we wanted already, only became stronger with time, and before long it was a running joke shared by many in the world. 500… Read More

  • This Is Where The Magic Happens

    This Is Where The Magic Happens

    Seventeen years ago Wired published Neal Stephenson’s magisterial epic “Mother Earth Mother Board”, about the web of undersea fibre-optic cables being built to connect all of humanity. Well – almost all. Africa, again, was left behind. Until 2009, all of East Africa could only connect to the Internet over slow and hugely expensive satellite links. Finally, two years… Read More

  • Netflix Streaming Is The Gateway Drug To Internet TV

    Nobody likes cable TV, although we all pay exorbitant sums for it to be piped into our homes. That is why the idea of being able to cut that cord (and related bill) and replace it with a variety of streaming video services from the Internet is so appealing. So far, however, you can’t quite yet replace what you watch on cable with Internet TV. But that day will one day come, and… Read More

  • Time Warner Shows Off Its $200/Month SignatureHome Package For The Remaining Rich

    Today I got to see Time Warner’s Signature Home $200 a month service package offerings up close and personal at a loft they rented in fancy-pants Soho. The offering, which is comparable to their triple-play program except that you get 24/7 customer service including concierge-style phone service and installation techs who will spend up to three hours at your home setting up all your junk. Read More

  • Quirky Contort Keeps Your USB Cables Looking Sassy

    The Quirky Contort is basically a four port USB hub with a trick: it also acts as a cable organizer so after you plug in all your goodies you can keep them all wrapped up and neat. The device costs $29.99 for pre-order ($35 when it comes out). Read More

  • Comcast Reports Drop in Cable Subscribers; Blames Economy

    In a post this weekend, I wrote about how the cable tv industry was finally stepping towards the cliff. And we’d learn more today when Comcast, the largest U.S. cable operator, reported earnings. Well, the numbers are out, and it’s not a surprise. 275,000 Comcast subscribers cut the cord last quarter. Its subscriber count is down 3.5% from the same quarter last year. To be… Read More

  • Internet TV and The Death of Cable TV, really

    Yes, you heard this before. The Death of Cable TV. Yet, it hasn’t happened. But now, so many disruptions are happening in the video space, cable tv is really stepping towards the cliff. Don’t expect the cable industry to just give up. We’ll get some new insights next week when the largest U.S. cable operator (23 million cable customers), Comcast, reports its Q3 earnings… Read More

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