Cable wants to help banks cut financial crime through automated assurance

Cable enables banks and fintechs to monitor all of their accounts — not just a fraction as before — to know, in real time, if failure controls are working as expected to combat breaches. 

This hacker’s iPhone charging cable can hijack your computer

Most people don’t think twice about picking up a phone charging cable and plugging it in. But one hacker’s project wants to change that and raise awareness of the dangers of potentially ma

Google’s Indigo subsea cable is now online

Google and its partners today announced that the 5,600-mile Indigo subsea cable, which connects Sydney and Perth with Jakarta and Singapore, is now ready for service. To build the cable, which will si

Here’s how much it will cost me to watch the NFL this season without cable

Some of us like sports but don’t want to pay for channels we’ll never watch. Fortunately there are ways to watch the NFL without cable for the 2017-2018 season. I’m a Baltimore Ravens fan, a

Crunch Report | Uber Adds Tipping

Netflix launches a "choose your own adventure" style cartoon for children, Uber adds tipping as the first change in its "180 days of change" campaign, Skype outage causes connectivity issues and Boom

Worst quarter for paid TV subscriptions points to a cord cutting future

A report by MoffettNathanson found that the pay cable industry lost 762,000 subscribers in Q1 2017, the worst drop ever. To compare last year’s Q1 saw a mere 141,000 subscribers lost. Analyst Cr

Amazon shuts down its cable store, probably because ISPs are awful

Remember that time when Amazon decided it wanted to sell you internet service and cable TV? Well, that’s done now. Yep, Amazon’s “Cable Store” is no more. As you may recall, ar

Comcast says technical issue caused NBC to disappear from its program guide, is being fixed

A number of Comcast users noticed this morning that the channel NBC has disappeared from the programming guide on their TV – an odd and unfortunately timed glitch on Election Day here in the U

Diary Of A Cord Cutter In 2015 (Part 8: Hands-On With Sling TV)

There are two potential audiences for Sling TV, Dish Network's relatively new internet TV service aimed at cord cutters: those who have wanted to ditch their cable or satellite TV subscription, but co

Rogers And Shaw Team Up To Launch A Netflix Competitor For Canada Called ‘Shomi’

Canadian cable giants aren’t just going to watch their audience slip away to streaming services – two of the nation’s biggest providers have joined forces to launch shomi, a new subscrip

Comcast Is Turning The US Into Its Own Private Hotspot

On paper it looks like a win-win: in the next few days, Comcast is quietly turning on <a target="_blank" href="

Snakable’s New USB Charging Cable Will Never Need Duct Tape

If you’ve ever owned a USB charging cable (and if you’re reading TechCrunch, odds are you have), then you’ve encountered the problem that Snakable wants to solve. That is, after repe

Netflix Arrives On Cable Providers’ TiVo DVRs In The U.S. For The First Time

Keep your friends, close, but your enemies closer – that might be the mantra running through the heads of cable execs at Atlantic Broadband, Grande Communications and RCN, U.S. regional cable provid

Unbundled Channels Coming To Canada, But Terrible Taste Could Make It A Disaster

If you want History Channel, you also have to get Biography Baby or something non-fictional but equally dumb. It's the magic of cable and satellite bundles, and it's the Way Things Are Done. But in Ca

Netflix Reportedly In Negotiations With U.S. Cable TV Providers

<a target="_blank" href="">Netflix</a> is in the early stages of negotiating with U.S. cable providers to make its online streaming video service available as an app through thei

Apple’s Reported Time Warner Cable Deal Great For Extending Provider Reach, But Not For Real Change

Apple is said by Bloomberg to be working on a deal that would bring Time Warner Cable content to its Apple TV set-top streaming box, for subscribers to TWC's existing cable packages. Which is nice, fo

Liberty Global’s $15.8B Acquisition Of Virgin Media Is Sailing Through EU Antitrust Court

Reuters has <a target="_blank" href="">reported</a>, and TechCrunch has now confirmed with an independent

Cable Tie-Up: Liberty Global Strikes $23.3BN Stock & Cash Deal For U.K.’s Virgin Media

International cable company Liberty Global has struck a deal to acquire U.K. cable, broadband and mobile telephony company Virgin Media. Liberty's approach was confirmed yesterday by Virgin Media but

Winter Is Coming: The Great iPhone Cable Shortage Of 2012

How many iOS charger cables do you own? You know, the 30-pin connector that's been packaged alongside every iPod, iPhone and iPad for as long as I can remember. Personally, I own seven. Each of my fri

This Is Most Probably The New iPhone Cable

This is most probably the <a target="_blank" href="">new iPhone cable</a> posted by some folks at Shenzhen-based <a target="_blank" href
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