• Broadcom acquires Brocade in $5.9 billion deal

    Broadcom acquires Brocade in $5.9 billion deal

    Broadcom, Ltd bought Brocade Communications Systems today for $5.9 billion, giving the company a strong offering in networking storage business. It’s quite a nice deal for Brocade shareholders, who gain a 47 percent premium over the $8.69 closing price last Friday night (October 28th). Under the terms of the deal, Broadcom will pay $12.75 per share. It’s an all-cash $5.5… Read More

  • Broadcom Buys Chipmaking Technology Company Netlogic For $3.7 Billion

    Broadcom Buys Chipmaking Technology Company Netlogic For $3.7 Billion

    Broadcom this morning announced that it has agreed to acquire NetLogic Microsystems, which delivers a range of semiconductor solutions. Under the agreement, NetLogic shareholders will receive $50 per share in a transaction of approximately $3.7 billion, net of cash assumed. Read More

  • Broadcom Acquires Security Software Developer SC Square For $42 Million

    Consumer device chip maker Broadcom has acquired SC Square, a security software maker based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company announced over the weekend. Broadcom will pay $41.9 million, net of cash, to purchase all of the outstanding shares of capital stock and other equity rights of SC Square, which provides a number of chip security and communication products and solutions. Read More

  • The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

    My advice for the new year: go East and South, young man and woman … and investor. America, Europe, and Japan are stagnant and ponderous. More and more, in the coming years, the real moving and shaking will happen elsewhere. “2011 will be the year Android explodes!” cried a recent headline, citing a new Broadcom chipset that will reportedly make sub-$100 unsubsidized… Read More

  • Tilera Grabs $25 Million From Chip Investors

    Tilera, a company that develops multicore processors, has raised $25 million in series C funding from Broadcom Corporation, Quanta Computers and NTT Financing. This brings Tilera’s total funding to $64 million Tilera says the funding will be used to expand sales operations and for product development. Founded in 2004, Tilera designs multicore embedded processors for networking… Read More

  • Chumby coming to TVs and Blu-ray players

    Everyone’s favorite hacky-sack-with-a-screen, Chumby, will soon make the leap from your nightstand or desk to your TV or Blu-ray player. Future internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players containing Broadcom chips from companies such as Samsung and Sharp will feature Chumby’s web-based widgets – there are currently over 1,000 – ranging from music and video streaming to… Read More

  • Broadcom prepares to take over your home theater

    Broadcom announced today that they have entered a deal with Samsung to let them put their Blu-ray decoder chipset into their next generation players. The reason you care is that the Broadcom chipset will allow both reading and writing of media, and the possible inclusion of Netflix’s streaming video functionality at lower costs. Expect to see these bad boys sometime in Q1 of next year. Read More

  • Broadcom jams FM radio, 802.11n, and Bluetooth into a single package

    Back in October, Broadcom made a promise to announce a new combo-chip every 60 days. First came the BCM2049, which packed FM and Bluetooth onto a single die. A bit past their self-imposed deadline (albeit still with impressive haste), they’ve managed to one up themselves with the BCM4329. Read More

  • Broadcom Chip Certification earns DivX certification

    DivX will make its way into more Blu-ray players thanks to the certification of the popular Broadcom BCM7440 chip. This single chip will facilitate DivX playback on a disc or stored on a flash drive. By taking the decoding off the software suite, and placing the task on the chip, it will allow for a significant performance upgrade and smoother playback. Curious to know if your next… Read More

  • AMD's DTV biz gets scooped up by Broadcom

    AMD wanted to get out of the DTV market for a bit now and just found a buyer. Broadcom, maker of chips and bits inside of broadcast equipment, is paying $192.8 million in cash to acquire all of AMD’s assests for the digital television bisiness. AMD’s DTV assets include Xilleon integrated DTV processors and reference designs, NXT receiver ICs, the Theater 300 DTV processor, and a… Read More

  • Broadcom Billionaire Henry Nicholas Indicted on Cocaine and Stock Back-Dating Charges

    Practically everybody partied too hard during the 1990s. But Broadcom founder, and billionaire, Henry Nicholas, partied harder than most. Two indictments came down today on Nicholas. One for back-dating stock options that cost the company $2.2 billion in accounting charges last year, and the other for, well, partying too hard (the indictment mentions cocaine, Ecstacy, and prostitutes). The… Read More