Mark Cuban hasn’t profited from his ‘Shark Tank’ investments

America’s favorite advertisement masquerading as a television show, “Shark Tank,” made Mark Cuban a household name (that is, if you weren’t already a Dallas Mavericks fan). But

Breathometer ordered to refund purchases of its breathalyzers as part of FTC settlement

Breathometer, a startup that quickly rose to prominence due to an appearance on Shark Tank, has agreed to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission in which it will offer refunds for mobile-co

Breathometer teams up with Philips to take on bad breath

Eighty million people in the U.S. struggle with bad breath — many of them don’t even know that they do, but the people around them are likely all too aware. Last year at CES, Breathometer te

Breathometer Now Calls Ubers To Drive The Drunks Home

Breathometer and Uber are teaming up to get the drunks home safely. We wrote before that Breathometer would be coming up with some interesting applications over the next few months and today the blo

Breathometer’s Mint Can Tell You When Your Breath Stinks… And When You’re Dehydrated, Too

Breathometer created a platform it could use to measure lots of different things through their breath. With that foundation, the company has announced its next product -- a device called Mint than can

Breathometer Introduces Breeze, A $100 Bluetooth-Powered Breathalyzer

The first Breathometer device plugged into a user's cell phone jack when gauging their blood alcohol level via mobile app. It launched on Indiegogo with an interesting campaign that enabled backers to

Thanks To Shark Tank, Breathometer Scores $2 Million In Funding

Breathometer wants to help reduce the number of drunk drivers there are on the road, thanks to a pocket-sized device that connects to your phone through its headphone jack and can guage your blood alc

The Breathometer Will Ensure You Don’t Drive (Or Do Video Interviews) While Drunk

There’s a new handy little device for people who like to drink but want to be safe about it. The Breathometer, which is currently for sale through a campaign on Indiegogo, was built to use the proce