Streaming Entertainment Startup Boxee Acquired By Samsung For Around $30M

Israeli and NYC-based streaming media and entertainment startup Boxee has been acquired by South Korean electronics giant Samsung, we've been told by reliable sources. The Tel Aviv-based startup launc

Boxee TV Update Adds Vudu 3D Content And DLNA Streaming From Computers And Mobile Devices

Boxee TV has a new firmware update making its way out to its connected set-top boxes this week, which includes a number of big improvements including the addition of DLNA streaming. Spotted by GigaOM,

Boxee Is The Poster Child Of A Lean Startup: They Just Happen To Ship Hardware

Boxee launched the <a href="">Boxee TV</a> shortly before Christmas. At 3,000 Walmart stores. And a major feature is <em>still</em> in beta. Boxee is the pos

Boxee TV Hits Walmart Stores Tomorrow

Boxee has grown up. It was just a few short years ago that the NYC startup was simply hawking beta copies of its innovative media center software. Then came the D-Link-made Boxee Box, which sold in li

The Boxee TV Offers Unlimited DVR Storage, Dual Tuners, And Netflix For $99 (And $15/Month For The DVR)

Meet the Boxee TV: A $99 TV tuner/DVR aimed squarely at cord cutters and casual cable TV subscribers. It packs a DVR with unlimited storage, dual ATSC/QAM tuners, and several key apps including Netfli

Boxee’s Video-Sharing Service Cloudee Goes Public With Desktop Software, iPhone 5 Support & More

The service operates in a crowded space, where dozens upon dozens of apps offer ways to stream, record, broadcast, and/or share video recorded on mobile, but Cloudee's niche was in the emerging "priva

QVIVO Raises $1M From SingTel For Media Cloud To Store And Watch Movies

<a target="_blank" href="">Qvivo</a> has raised $1 million from SingTel Group's corporate venture capital fund for a media-only cloud that people can use to store and watch movies and

Boxee’s Newest Adult Resident: Pornhub, the ‘YouTube Of Porn’

Boxee has slowly but surely been building out the adult content offered through its streaming service, and now there is one more in the mix: Pornhub (NSFW link) -- which informally calls itself the Yo

Boxee Stands With The CEA Against Cable Companies, Courts The FCC Chairman To Stop Proposed Ruling

Anti-consumer legislation SOPA and PIPA might be all but dead, but there isn't time to rest. There is a seemingly never-ending flow of proposed legislation, statutes and bills queued up, ready to bust

Full Circle: Boxee Brings OTA HDTV And Basic Cable To The Boxee Box

Boxee just reinvented the box. The Boxee Box is no longer just a media streamer, thanks to the just-released Boxee Live TV. The little USB ATSC tuner integrates OTA HDTV and basic cable seamlessly int

Boxee Brings The SOPA Protests To Living Rooms

SOPA protests are everywhere today. The Internet is collectively up in arms about the proposed legislation. Major sites are shut down, banners are everywhere, but that's online. Boxee is taking the fi

Boxee Box Gets Ready To Do It Live: USB TV Tuner/Antenna Coming In January

Many people think of television antennas as relics of the past: bunny ears and ugly wires, black and white, and fuzzy snow pictures. So, instead, we're happy to plop down upwards of $50 (or $85, or $

TechCrunch TV Launches On Your TV

TechCrunch TV is now really TechCrunch TV. When <a href="">TCTV</a> <a href="">launched last year</a>, the focus was on vie

At Long Last: Spotify App Now Available On Boxee

<a href="">Boxee Box</a> owners who are also paying <a href="">Spotify</a> users, rejoice, for the two have been <a href="http://www.spo

Grooveshark Now Found Lurking In Boxee Waters

Grooveshark is now singing and swaying with Boxee as the music streaming service just hit the platform. The somewhat-underground music service streams lands on Boxee in a slightly different form than

Boxee Outs The Boxee Box 1.1 Firmware, Revamped Browser And New On-Screen Controls Highlight The Update

<img src="">Boxee Box owners rejoice! It's new firmware time! Boxee previously committed to a three month update cycle, which meant the n

Boxee Outlines The Upcoming Boxee Box Firmware Changes

Talk about timely. Boxee’s Avner Ronen just posted the worklist for the next Boxee Box firmware, which is schuduled to drop in May. Among other fixes the browser is getting a major update that s

The 4 Boxee Box Issues That Must Be Addressed ASAP

I’ve thrown big props towards the Boxee Box lately calling it the best media streamer for cutting the cord. It’s a solid device that provides a memorable user experience. That’s rare

Boxee Raises $16.5 Million For Its Vision For The "Future Of TV"

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Boxee</a> has announced <a href="

Boxee Raises $16.5 Million For Its Vision For The "Future Of TV"

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Boxee</a> has announced <a href="
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