• The Boxee Box Demo (TCTV)

    Tomorrow, the first shipments of the $199 Boxee Box go out to people who pre-ordered them. I got a preview demo today at Boxee HQ from CEO Avner Ronen. The video above shows what it looks like on a big-screen TV. The Boxee Box is a small set-top device that connects your TV to the Internet and displays Web video. It is similar to the Boxee service you can download onto your computer… Read More

  • CEO Expects TV Networks To Block Boxee Box, Plans Payment Platform To Win Them Over

    CEO Expects TV Networks To Block Boxee Box, Plans Payment Platform To Win Them Over

    TV is coming to the Web and there is nothing that can stop it. Just ask Avner Ronen, the CEO of Web TV startup Boxee. Later tonight, he will announce the general availability of his Boxee Box, a small device you hook up to your TV and the Internet so you can watch video from the Web on your TV. The videos come not only from YouTube, but also from,,, Comedy Central… Read More

  • Comcast Reports Drop in Cable Subscribers; Blames Economy

    In a post this weekend, I wrote about how the cable tv industry was finally stepping towards the cliff. And we’d learn more today when Comcast, the largest U.S. cable operator, reported earnings. Well, the numbers are out, and it’s not a surprise. 275,000 Comcast subscribers cut the cord last quarter. Its subscriber count is down 3.5% from the same quarter last year. To be… Read More

  • The Future Of TV Is HTML

    The Future Of TV Is HTML

    The title of this post is both a very old idea and a very new one. With the prevalence of fiber connectivity and pervasive broadband speeds, this year has been a hot one for bringing together the home computer and the living room TV. While companies like Apple and Google battle over share of TV viewers, they have left open and promoted the web for content distributors to control their own… Read More

  • I'm Giving Cable 6 Months, Then I'm Cutting Off Its Head

    I'm Giving Cable 6 Months, Then I'm Cutting Off Its Head

    Among companies I loathe, Comcast is right up there. Alongside Expedia and AT&T, they share the common thread of having typically poor service, and even worse customer service. But I’m a forgiving guy. I’m willing to give Comcast a second chance. Well, for 6 months at least. I’ve been a Comcast customer a few different times at various points of my life. Each time… Read More

  • Boxee Gains United Football League Live Streaming App

    Boxee, the social network-y media center for Windows, Mac, and Linux, has a fancy new App that may interest you, particularly if you’re a sports fan. It allows you to watch live games of the United Football League right from within the Boxee software. Read More

  • Boxee Box Gets Priced: $199

    The other players are scrambling to set themselves in opposition to the new Apple TV: earlier this week, Roku dropped their prices preemptively; Amazon is touting 99-cent shows; now, Boxee is pricing their long-awaited Boxee Box. It’s $199, and they defend the price in a blog post, saying that people really do want the extra features it offers. I’d tend to agree, but in the… Read More

  • The FCC Does Its Thing With The Boxee Box Remote

    The Boxee Box is now one step closer to your livingroom seeing as the FCC recently put the remote through its testing process. There’s not a whole lot of new info to be found. It still sports the oh-so-helpful QWERTY keypad on one side and simple navigational controls on the other. The FCC boys did find it necessary to tear it apart, reveling the single circuit control board. Hopefully… Read More

  • Boxee Adds Movies To Its Lineup

    Some Boxee news for you, as we all sit back and watch the Barcelona-Milan friendly. (Good to see Ronaldinho get such a nice reaction from the Camp Nou crowd. I haven’t seen him this happy in years!) The company has decided to add a Movie component to its much celebrated TV-watching interface. The gist is, just as you can watch TV programming with Boxee, you’ll be able to watch movies. Read More

  • Vindicia to provide payment solution for Boxee's upcoming for-pay premium content

    The future is almost here for Boxee. A few months ago the company announced plans to bring premium for-pay content to the platform. This goal is now one step closer thanks to an agreement with Vindicia who will handle the payment transactions. The goal is to provide a one-click payment scheme using Vincdicia robust CashBox system as a back-end. The powerful solution currently handles… Read More

  • The Boxee Beta hits Apple TV

    The news is a bit aged but Boxee Beta is now on the Apple TV which means folks who updated to the latest ATV firmware can now get their media fix on. How do you get it? Hop over here, make a nice little patchstick, and rock out. Boxee has full instructions right here and here’s our quick how-to. Read More