Video: Experiment Shows Cord-Cutting Simply Too Difficult For Average Families To Grasp

<img src="" />Here’s more evidence that regular people have <i>zero time</i> for things like <a HREF="

Boxee Box Gets Another Firmware Upgrade, No Netflix Yet

<img src="" />Everyone <a href="

Boxee Box Update Rolls Out Today, Hulu, Vudu Imminent [Update]

A cryptic Tweet from Boxee points to a new firmware version rolling out in the next few hours, one that probably promises Vudu and Hulu content on what Matt calls “his favorite box.” Matt

XBMC Reaches Version 10.0, Adds Hardware Acceleration For Windows Users

<img src="" />XBMC, the media center for Windows, Mac, and Linux, has reached the big 10 point oh. In and of itself that's a pretty big d

ESPN: Only 0.11 Percent Of Households Have Cut The Cord (And These Aren't Hipster Households Either)

<img src="" /> <a HREF="">ESPN</a> has just released a study that sheds some light on people's cord

UI Improvements For Boxee Box Incoming

<img src="" />While the interface wasn't on our list of no-nos in our <a href="

Death/Star (Episode 1): The Galaxy Tab, Instagram, and Boxee Box (TCTV)

<img src=""/> Welcome to <em>Death/Star</em>, a new show we are testing on TechCrunch TV. It's a product review show with a twist. My co-ho

Wanna Watch TV? Don’t Cut The Cord, Get Cable

<img src=""><a href="">Google TV</a> is a mess. <a href="http://www.

The Boxee Box Demo (TCTV)

<img src="" />Tomorrow, the first shipments of the $199 <a href="">Boxee Box</a> go out to people who pre-ordered t

The Boxee Box Demo (TCTV)

<img src=""> Tomorrow, the first shipments of the $199 <a href="">Boxee Box</a> go out to people who pre-ordered th

CEO Expects TV Networks To Block Boxee Box, Plans Payment Platform To Win Them Over

<img src=""/> TV is coming to the Web and there is nothing that can stop it. Just ask Avner Ronen, the CEO of Web TV startup <a href="

Comcast Reports Drop in Cable Subscribers; Blames Economy

<img src="" alt="" title="comcast2" width="300" height="90" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-237088" />In a <a href="https://bet

The Future Of TV Is HTML

<img src=""> The title of this post is both a very old idea and a very new one. With the prevalence of fiber connectivity and pervasi

I'm Giving Cable 6 Months, Then I'm Cutting Off Its Head

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-220757" title="head" src="" alt="" />Among companies I loathe, Comcast is right up there. Alongside <a

Boxee Gains United Football League Live Streaming App

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Boxee</a>, the social network-y media center for Windows, Mac, and Linux,

Boxee Box Gets Priced: $199

The other players are scrambling to set themselves in opposition to the new Apple TV: earlier this week, Roku dropped their prices preemptively; Amazon is touting 99-cent shows; now, Boxee is pricing

The FCC Does Its Thing With The Boxee Box Remote

The Boxee Box is now one step closer to your livingroom seeing as the FCC recently put the remote through its testing process. There’s not a whole lot of new info to be found. It still sports th

Boxee Adds Movies To Its Lineup

<img src="" />Some <a HREF="">Boxee</a> news for you, as we all sit back and watch the Barcelona

Vindicia to provide payment solution for Boxee's upcoming for-pay premium content

<img src="">The future is almost here for <a href="">Boxee</a>. A few months ago the company <a

The Boxee Beta hits Apple TV

<img src="">The news is a bit aged but Boxee Beta is now on the Apple TV which means folks who updated to the latest ATV firmwa
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