Grooveshark Now Found Lurking In Boxee Waters

Grooveshark is now singing and swaying with Boxee as the music streaming service just hit the platform. The somewhat-underground music service streams lands on Boxee in a slightly different form than its online counterpart. The service not only looks different, but costs $9 a month after a free trial. Ouch. Grooveshark likely wants a slice of that sweet revunue pie Spotify is currently enjoying.

In fact, the Boxee version looks a feels totally different from the traditional online service. Gone is the iTunes-style interface as a, well, orange-ified version of Rdio takes its place. The new tabbed interface brings up user-selected music, playlists, and popular music. Like the traditional version, it allows for easy playlist creation and sorting.

I must point out, seeing how this app carries a monthly fee, that normal Grooveshark works fine in the Boxee Browser. It can be slightly slow navigating as the interface is designed for a mouse, but the whole streaming service works fine and I use it quite often on my Boxee Box. Just saying.